Sunwell Trash, Shiny New Loot

Trivial stuff out of the way first.

Last night was a good night, as I picked up a pair of Quickstrider Mocassins and a pair of Bow-Stitched Leggings. How hawt is that? Since I broke my two-piece Tier 5 bonus, I have decided to use my Season 3 PvP helm. While this nets me a slight lose in AP, I make up for it by picking up some more Armor Penetration as well has putting me over the Survival hit cap.

I opted to just stick Glinting Noble Topaz and a Delicate Living Ruby in the boots for now, until the gem vendor hits. Which may be never. Our server is barely gaining a percent every few days. I did get a Rigid Lionseye and a Delicate Crimson Spinel into the leggings, along with a second Delicate Living Ruby.

Then, depending on on any other gear changes, I will decide if I am able to drop the +hit gem in my boots in favor of raw agility. This will be determined by what my hit ratings is. I may end up replacing with a Glinting Pyrestone if I get a second Dagger of Bad Mojo, since I will then have to make up 30 hit rating from switching out my polearm. With those daggers I believe I will have around 480 Armor Penetration, barring out a Signet of Primal Wrath.

We are getting there. :D

Last night I was pretty happy with my DPS in Mount Hyjal. Azgalor, I have found, is a prefect fight to test my DPS in actual application. You can view the WWS right here. While some people aren’t impressed by 1314 DPS, as Survival with a bow that’s too fast, I find it to be quite respectable. Interestingly enough, Steady Shot on that fight made up almost exactly 40% of my DPS. Considering that my rotation has 2 out of every 5 shots as a Steady Shot, it seems right on par.

My wife hit level 68 last night. Yay! 2 more levels and we can start the whole Karazhan thing again. :) And it looks like we have enough people in the guild who have a strong enough desire to start our own ZA bear runs.

So . . . Sunwell trash farming. Here is the video:

What you are seeing is the third pull in the instance. The first pull is a giant robot which requires your raid to burn the crap out of it and heal a whole lot. The second pull is just like the one in the video. And the third, as demonstrated, is a series of sheeps and crowd control, single target DPS, and then sheeping the final target and having the entire raid run out so the ENTIRE pull resets, zoning back in and doing it again.

Mindless. It can be pretty boring. But you can get tons of incredible stuff.

On that note, I have a lot to get done at work today. Questions, comments, etc. Leave ‘em here. I almost always respond!

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