Site Status, Progression, My Mind is Blank

We killed Reliquary of Souls again last night. And I was the lucky recipient of the Boneweave Girdle. Since it has hit rating on it, we replaced the +hit gem I had stuck in my leggings with another Crimson Spinel. It brings me to 857 unbuffed Agility. Which is awesome. Tonight we are going to tackle Mother Shahraz now that everyone has their shadow resist. Our raid leader is expecting her to be down within 4 attempts or so. And we will have some sweet Tier 6 shoulders.

After the comments and e-mails I received yesterday, which I appreciate, I am going to just keep the blog on one site rather than splitting them up. So my task is to implement some of the nicer elements over here. So pardon our dust while we do some renovations. :) We are also going to try and come up with a way to easily distinguish posts between the Death Knight and the Hunter. I have a few ideas, so we will have to toy around with them.

The 3:2 tests were not really able to be tested, as all the fights last night were extremely unfriendly for the shot rotation. Supremus and Reliquary are not exactly fights where you get to boast about numbers. :)

I kept picking my brain last night, trying to decide what to post about today. And when I woke up this morning, and the subsequent drive to work.

And I came up with nothing for today. Which kind of makes me sad. But I did come up with an idea for tomorrow. I am going to Fraps all our Mother Shahraz attempts and make a video to illustrate our progression on the fight. So stay tuned for that.

I am going to make it short today and get to work on the site upgrades. If you have any concerns, comments, or even post suggestions, leave ‘em here. :)

Oh, and a quick reminder. If you happen to have a question on a older post, it is probably better to e-mail me about it than to post on the original topic, since I may not see it added.

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