I’m a teepee, I’m a wigwam . . . .

“Relax man, you’re two tents.” One of my favorite WoW jokes. But it seems as though I am two specs. Last night during our first full Mount Hyjal clear (doing the whole thing in one night) Rage Winterchill dropped the Bracers of the Pathfinder. Both myself and our other Hunter were passing on them since I had the Bindings of Lightning Reflexes and the other Hunter was planning on getting them made. I then made a comment in passing they would be good for Survival when I respecced. That’s when funny happened. Apparently none of the officers recall the talk we had about how I was respeccing to Beast Mastery since our physical DPS was . . . less spectacular than our caster DPS. Well, needless to say I went back to Orgrimmar before we did Anetheron and respecced back to Survival.

I am over the hit cap right now, but I don’t want to re-socket my gloves as I am eagerly anticipating Tier 6. I did splurge and use a Delicate Crimson Spinel in the bracers.

Regarding my respec, I opted to try what Alu likes to call “Mana Barrage.” Last time I tried Improved Arcane Shot so we will see how this new build works out. As of last night I wasn’t able to upload our combat logs to WWS so I am not sure how I performed through out the raid. But I definitely had more DPS time on Archimonde (I love you Hawk Eye!). With this build I was able to pick up Scatter Shot and Wyvern Sting which will be fun for PvP. Gotta start saving that honor again. You can check out what I did with my spec here.

I am eager to look over the logs to see how the build did. OK, kind of a short post today. If I can get the WWS reports uploaded I might add another short post or edit this one with the information from it.

Questions, comments, etc. Leave ‘em here!

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