Gurtogg Bloodboil, WWS is fixed.

Late last night it seems that WowWebStats were fixed, much to the joy of raid leaders and stat hounds everywhere. I know our raid leaders were anxious to see how our performance was during our Kael’thas attempts. We also set a new guild record for a Teron Gorefiend kill, pulling in 24000 DPS a second as a raid. Individually I was really happy with the numbers I saw. During that kill I did not get the Constructs at all, so I was able to get a unaffected DPS listing. Which you can see here.

I was able to pull in over 1800 DPS for the duration of the entire fight. Which I must admit I am pretty happy about.

In addition to that I was able to upload the reports from our full Hyjal clear. The one where I respecced to Survival after Rage Winterchill. And I can definitely see where my DPS takes a hit. I was only 10th on DPS for Kaz’rogal, but perhaps I can chalk that up to still getting my rotation back into a groove. I opt to hand-weave my rotation when I am Survival, especially since I went with a Barrage build. I obviously need to work on this though, as sitting around 10th on DPS is not the spot I want to occupy.

Although it seems silly, I switched back to my cat as Survival instead of using my Wind Serpent. Even though I have a much higher crit chance as Survival, since I am not using a spam macro, the Lightning Breath bug would prove to be annoying. So now I will just deal with fitting in that Kill Command.

So while I may not be topping the DPS meters now, I like the idea of gearing up Survival. And I will get myself back up there. Just gotta work that rotation and perhaps experiment with Hawk builds and see what works best for me.

We took our first 3 attempts at Gurtogg Bloodboil last night. The third attempt we had him to 53% or so. Tonight we go back and have every intent to kill him. And that is definitely a situation I will enjoy being Survival. Fel Rage? Aspect of the Monkey and Deterrence! Go go go. But that is one aggro sensitive fight. A lot like Vael back in Blackwing Lair. With multiple tanks fighting for aggro we have to be very wary of where we are on the aggro list.

Oh, and why the heck doesn’t the Illidan Auction House have any Fel Scales? Bleh. How am I suppose to get my Shadow Resist gear crafted?

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