Fresh WoW Week

It’s maintenance day. This gives us a whole slew of fresh raid instances to play in this week. We did manage to go kill Teron Gorefiend last night and we went to The Eye and got a lot of folks first look at the Kael’thas fight. While we were standing around buffing up, I snapped this picture of our guild’s entire Hunter crew.
There is a lot of us, I know. And we trounce our damage meters most of the time. Crazy Destruction Warlocks.

Speaking of damage meters. It appears a nasty bug has popped up with WowWebStats in the past couple days and the administrators have just started working on it. The thread has a lot of angry people. I can see this situation from a couple different views. From the development point of view I can understand things break. It’s part of the ongoing development process. And it is completely understandable. But alternatively, a while ago he stopped letting people host their own reports so they had to use his servers, and then offered a pay service which is completely optional which will provide better service I am told (although some of the posts in that thread seem to disagree).

Now a lot of people on the WWS forums are crying out along the lines of “WWS is a privilege, not a right.” Which is true, to an extent. The dev voluntarily made the service, but once he charged money for it and people voluntarily paid for it, it moved past a project he started one day and into the realm of commercial business. I am not crying end of the world here like a lot of people are but I think a lot of developers forget that once there product isn’t free (sure, you can use it for free) they don’t get to pick and choose when they care about their product. Business is business.

That all being said, I am sure they will get it fixed. It’s not that big a deal. I have our logs saved from last night and I will upload it as soon as the issue is resolved. But I am kind of anxious to see my Gorefiend DPS last night. I had a great group and used a 1:1 priority rotation without fear of going out of mana, so we’ll see if those Arcane Shots and Multi Shots did anything.

After the raid last night it was “power-level my wife’s engineering so she can make Deathblow X11 Goggles night.” Not much of a ring to it, I know. But we leveled her engineering from 300 to 350 so she could craft those goggles and start using them right away. You can check her out with her bad self right here. She has been using an old screenshot of us in Winterspring when she was leveling her Warrior and I had my Terrok’s Quill as her computer wallpaper. So we decided it was time for a new “family portrait.” :)

I actually followed a suggestion from WoW Insider and downloaded Dr. Damage. It is a very geeky mod which provides a lot of useful information if you are truly into knowing exact efficiencies of your abilities, their damage range, etc etc. But if you could care less about that kind of math, the mod definitely isn’t something you need. It is nice to see what my average Steady Shots will hit for, how much damage it does per mana spent, and other similar stats.

I also downloaded SimpleMD. I was just using a macro to whisper my target and announce to my raid when I misdirected someone, but this will prevent the message spam if I am whacking on the keybinding as the cooldown is approaching. It has a lot of options to broadcast your Misdirects as well as announce cooldowns if you wanted and other such information. Two decent mods for sure.

OK, well I think that’s everything I wanted to bring up today. If you have any comments, questions . . . . ya, you know the drill.

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