Blood Furnace Video

The final Blood Furnace video is uploaded. It clocks in at just under 10 minutes and I think the quality of the video after compressing it turned out really good. It just highlights some of the fights to get an idea of how things went. During the second clip you can see me run by a low-level Paladin, but he was just there to leech quest items. Part of the condition of him coming was not do a single thing. Not even heal me after things were dead. And he was more than happy to oblige, as he went AFK for the duration.

The Maker actually took two attempts, as the first time he mind-controlled me and I killed Khagan. What a jerk. All in all, once I got my groove down, the instance wasn’t all that difficult. The spec I used during the run looked like this. It’s a pretty janky spec, but it accomplished what I needed it to do.

So less talky, more video watchy.

If you actually click through to the YouTube site, the link there that says “watch in high quality” actually does show the video in better quality, so if you have the bandwidth, watch that version. Also I am trying to decide where to host the video before YouTube compression as it looks really good and you can see the cooldowns a lot better.

This was my first time using Sony Vegas, as I was always an Adobe Premiere guy, so bear with me as I figure out how to use the software.

Patch 2.4.2 is live today, so make sure to check out the patch notes here. Which includes the Growl changes. Update: Apparently Growl still works the same. Yay. But the Boar Charge things did get changed. Sorry Boar lovers. And Scare Beast is 1.5 second cast.

I filmed an A’lar kill last night, as we were trying to get more people caught up on the quest chain to get their Shadow Resistance necklace, so I will cut together a short video if people are interested. We are going to clear Hyjal tonight, so I am also wondering which fight people would be interested in seeing from Mount Hyjal. I know I made an Archimonde video already, so if you are intrigued by any of the other fights, I am going to toss a poll up that will only last till we start Hyjal tonight. So vote soon.

Question, comments, etc etc. Leave ‘em here.

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