Azgalor and Archimonde Video

After yesterday’s poll I decided I might as well film all the boss fights people voted on. And then I went and forgot to film Rage Winterchill. Bleh. But I did get Azgalor and Archimonde and decided to toss them into a single video for your viewing pleasure. For some reason the quality of this video is not as good as the Blood Furnace video, which confuses me greatly. It makes me greatly miss Stage 6, has having that option for nice, high-quality video streams was great. Here’s the video:

UPDATE: Replaced YouTube with a FileFront version. It looks much better.
I could have titled this video “How to not take care of your pet on Azgalor.” As you can see, the quality looks atrocious in comparison to the other videos. Yet the pre-uploaded video looks great. :( Not sure what the difference was.

I was much happier with my performances, DPS-wise, on the fights last night. We went and squeezed out a Gruul kill in hopes of the Dragonspine Trophy, but to no avail. The meters looked like this (this was with quite a few PUGs too):

Anetheron looks like this:


And while I know DPS meters for our raids are not some standard but it does allow me to assess my performance comparatively speaking. But we are getting into our DPS groove with Survival again. I am tempted to give Improved Aspect of the Hawk another try tonight in Black Temple, especially fights like Naj’entus and Teron Gorefiend (if I don’t get Constructs) to measure how the build performs in a raid environment.

I picked up a Valestalker Girdle for my off-spec when I am Beast Mastery. It should solve my haste problems, taking my attack speed to ~1.7 or so, which is awesome. I am anxious to try it again, but that will have to be another time.

I was finally able to configure DHUD2 in a manner that I liked. So we are going to try it out tonight in Black Temple and see if I can adapt back to using a HUD instead of health bars. I really fell in love with using a HUD back on my Warrior as I did not have to look anywhere else on screen to see my health or my targets health and could stay squarely focused on my surroundings. So hopefully it works for me again.

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