Archy, Shoulders, "Advertising" (Oh my)

As promised, I have the Archimonde video ready for your viewing pleasure. But let’s write a little disclaimer here. :)

This was our guild’s first kill, so it wasn’t the cleanest kill in the world. We were having a rough night with lots of people dying in fires and . . . well . . . mainly dying in fires. And Air Bursting the tank. So in the video I was overly cautious to not get lit on fire. And I didn’t. I was quite fire-free. Due to the excessive running around, we were only around 900 DPS for the duration of the fight. Poopy, but we’ll fix that next week.

Towards the end of the fight we actually did die, but that was due to not getting a decurse but that’s OK. It made for a more cinematic viewpoint of Archimonde’s death. And the song towards the end fades out a little sooner I would like but didn’t want to take the time to re-render last night since it was very late.

Enjoy! Warning though, not sure how loud the audio will be on your end. Turn it down if you are watching it in a work environment. ;)

For some reason I really like the first song, “Down and Out” by Tantric. Perhaps it’s just the violins/string instruments that really add something to it. The last song was played during the credits in “Portal.”

Other than Tier 6 helms obviously, the loot was pretty crappy. No Bristleblitz nor Cataclysm’s Edge for our Warriors or *cough*Ret Pallies.*cough* But we did go and kill Shade of Akama and I got myself a pair ‘o eyeballs!

Over to the left-side there is my wife’s Rogue, as we were out and about doing our Children’s Week quest. Not sure why my orphan wanted to see the Dark Portal, she got to see Black Temple and Teron Gorefiend, the leader of the Death Knights. Dark Portal-shmortal.

One of our Resto Druids was “removed” from the guild last night. It’s one of the necessary evils when trying to put a raiding guild together. He seemed like a nice enough guy but multiple wipes on Archimonde (not solely) and Teron Gorefiend were chalked up to his decisions or inability to handle Constructs, etc. Sure, there is a learning curve but part of that curve is learning from what we did wrong. And during Gorefiend we had a wipe at 4% due to his death in the middle of the raid and Construct spawning. As far as Archimonde goes, it just seems like every attempt last night involved figuring out he died early in the fight, etc.

So if you read Warcraft blogs, you have no doubt seen Entrecard up on other sites. In fact it’s safe to say 75% or more of the Warcraft blogs out there run it. To this point I have not put any ad-like things on my site since I do this because I enjoy it and because I am going out of my way to use free services so I have no overhead. But Entrecard is slightly different as it would just be for other Warcraft blogs.

So my question is do you think I should add it? Have you come across other blogs due to Entrecard or perhaps run it yourself? Feedback is appreciated on this matter.

As always, any other comments, concerns, questions, or requests for cake, leave ‘em here!

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