3:2 and 2:1 . . . . as Survival.

Last night I decided to run some rough tests on some shot rotations. I found myself missing every other Arcane Shot in my rotation due to the speed of my Crossbow. I later confirmed it was recurring by heading out to our good friend Dr. Boom. And I thought to myself, I wonder what would happen if I tried to fire a 3:2 rotation using the macro at my current weapon speed. The initial DPS test on Dr. Boom seem to yield a 50 DPS increase. So the real test was to use it in Hyjal last night and see what kind of real-world (Can I use real-world when talking about WoW?) results we were able to conjure up.

And the results were . . . varying. First off, Rage Winterchill was rather inspiring. You can view the WWS report right here. The results looks like this:

The great thing about Rage Winterchill is that I am generally unhampered by any DPS impeding effects. 99% of the time Death and Decay doesn’t even reach me with how far away I stand.
The next fight we had was Anetheron, and he was a another testament to this working well. Here is the WWS.
While I only sat at 9th during Kaz’rogal, the numbers it self were sufficient to say the least. Especially since I didn’t resist a single mana drain. :( WWS here.
So far I am liking the way this is going. Next boss, Az’galor. Once again, I failed to keep my pet alive during this fight. I turned around at one point because I heard there were some issues with the Doomguards and checked to see if they needed help, and next thing I knew, poor Khagan was in a rain of fire. And as I tried to pull him back, I realized he was on the far side of it and had to run the length of it.

So he died. Here is the WWS. Not too shabby. Now if I had only kept Khagan alive, I probably would have hit number 1.

So the tests seem to be providing positive results. But I am not completely convinced. Especially after a 10th place performance on Naj’entus, which killed my excitement about this method’s effectiveness. The macro it seems, at my attack speed, requires a little more interaction to work properly. It does seem to attempt to mimic a 3:2 rotation, but requires the macro to be released during the second half of the rotation in order to make sure the Auto Shot does not get needlessly clipped. So the rotation would look like this:
Steady > Steady > Auto > Steady |Release macro here| > Auto > Steady > Steady
I want to do a little more extensive Dr. Boom testing, and perhaps toss around some haste gear to see what we can do in terms of weapon speed to see if we can get it to fire 3:2 without having to let up on the macro.

I also tweaked my spec last night, dropping Focus Fire in favor of Thrill of the Hunt since also picked up Improved Hunter’s Mark instead of Efficiency.

We also ran a Gruul’s last night in another attempt for the fabled Dragonspine Trophy. And while Gruul still did not give the trinket up, my wife’s Rogue faired quite well in her awesome greens. And while we won’t mention her DPS, we will chalk that up to her spec we haven’t fixed, the fact she had never stepped foot in a raid before, and, as I mentioned, was rocking quest greens and blues in most slots. :)

But she picked up the Netherblade Shoulderpads, a Gronn-Stitched Girdle, and a pair of Netherblade Breeches.

Not bad, eh? :) Now to work on that main-hand . . .

That’s everything for today. Further testing will be done this evening on Dr. Boom, Teron Gorefiend, and other balls-to-the-wall DPS fights. Thoughts, comments, opinions, etc, post ‘em here! Oh, and it’s Wednesday . . . which means there is a new Zero Punctuation. Hooray!

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