Teron Gorefiend, the Hunting Lodge, Other Stuff

So let’s see what we have to cover today. First up, guild stuff. We killed Teron Gorefiend last night and everyone who was on Construct duty did a great job. That pushes us to 4/9 Black Temple.

So here is the progression of our Gorefiend attempts and the subsequent kill:
You can definitely track the progression of the guild, gear-wise, as our DPS as a whole goes up through various bosses. Teron Gorefiend is very high since he is a low armored target and that makes us physical DPS very happy. The actual charts for the kill are here. I only managed third on damage, which was frustrating since the previous attempts for the night had me at #1. But in the end all that matters is that we killed him.

I should make a clarification regarding yesterday’s post. At no point was I attempting to discredit the Hunting Lodge, the Hunter community site created by Brigwyn. In fact, in an e-mail, I applauded him for his efforts in doing so. And I guess I shouldn’t have left it up to guesswork who I was referring to in my statements. I don’t agree with Mirshalak or Riglon’s view on the current state of the game. In fact Brigwyn has done a great job of keeping up with Hunter-related news, such as the post today acknowledging the Kill Command bug and is looking to fix it. So visit the site. He has done a great job. Himself and his other contributors are great.

————— BEGIN RANT (Skip if you want) ——————–

But even today Riglon posts about BM. And while the first half of his post has merit, the rest devolves into dribble. In fact, reading his post it seems that World of Warcraft is not a game for him. At all.

I want a return of this game to the day when a Hunter was naught but a DPS machine. I want a return to the days where there was a vast difference between a Hunter who knew what he was doing and a Hunter who had no clue – the days where skill could make a 13/38/0 Hunter out-DPS a 0/21/30 flavor of the month Survival Hunter wanging on about his huge Agility score. I want a class where no one can brag about “watching tv while doing 1500 DPS”.

Raise your hand if you raided before Burning Crusade. Raise your other hand if it was on a Hunter. Unless he had a Hunter in another life, this is where it shows he didn’t do much Molten Core, Blackwing Lair or anything else. Where do you think the joke Auto Shot -> AFK comes from? The days he wants them to return to never existed. Ask a pre-BC Hunter what his shot rotation was and get back to us. Hunters weren’t topping damage meters either. Well-geared Fury Warriors crushed people in many cases. And anyone will tell you, WoW is an easy game. Blizzard will not make it “harder” in the sense he wants. If it was hard, they wouldn’t have 11 million subscribers. If he wants a harder game, there are a plethora of first-person shooters filled with ridiculously good players who won’t hesitate to head-shot you the moment you spawn.

His comments about the Global Cooldown are ridiculous too. He fails to look at the larger picture, especially those of Rogues, Fury Warriors, and to a lesser extent Enhancement Shaman. So I won’t bother trying to explain the nuances of what would happen if they had 1 second GCD.

And no, I am not content with Marksmanship being the “pvp spec”. There should be no such thing. PVP should be a tertiary balancing concern, second to raid balance (as a primary concern) and functionalty in five-man content (as a secondary concern). PVP should be stripped from this game and it should be returned to the pure PVE game that it was in patch 1.0.

Wrong wrong wrong. I don’t even think he played anything before Burning Crusade. Let’s take another vote. Raise your hand if you PvP’ed before the Honor system was put in. Raise another hand if you killed a faction leader before the Honor system. How many of you engaged in the Southshore/Tarren Mill battle because it was fun?

It is funny to me that he says raid balance should be the primary concern when he doesn’t do it. But whatever, that’s just me being jerk. PvP is here to stay and will never go away. And there will always be a spec that is ideal for it. A huge portion of the population want it. Why do you think PvP servers were so popular before any Honor system? Why are games with player versus player so popular? Read the statements he has written. Riglon doesn’t want to play World of Warcraft. Hopefully he will realize that soon and be happier for it.

Do I think the MM tree could use some help? Sure. Anything that doesn’t scale is destined to be out-classed eventually. It’s the nature of a gear-based game. Trueshot Aura could be fixed. Silencing Shot could have an interrupt effect attached to it to make it useful on some PvE encounters where they might be immune to Silence. But as the game evolves, the classes will change inevitably. Through patches, adjustments, the addition of new skills, etc.


OK, I promise no more of that. Riglon can live in his little carebear world where no body kills anyone (with 0 lifetime kills, he obviously hasn’t. Holy crap, what does he do in-game anyways?) and live happily ever after.

—————— END RANT ———————–

Moving on. I am Frapsing our boss fights in Mount Hyjal tonight. We are aiming at Az’galor and Archimonde tonight. We can kill the first three bosses without any problems. I also decided to get rid of some of my mods. I ditched Bartender and am just using the default bars with a small UI scale. I got rid of some of my Fubar plug-ins like ArenaFu, etc. this is just to help things load a little faster and use less overhead on my system.

OK, back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. I will edit together the video and upload it tonight and we can look at it tomorrow.

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