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Today’s post will be a little unfocused so bear with me.

Our count is now 385 Heroic Badges. Quickly approaching the 410 mark. If we get there soon, we might bump our goal to 470 and factor our gloves into the ideal opening badge day purchase. I still need to take into account I need to spend 30 on Nether Vortexes so when I finish the last 16k rep with the Shatter Sun, I can buy and craft my Assassin’s Alchemist Stone.

So in reality, not counting gems, we are looking at 470 Badges worth of gear and 30 more to handle my trinket. I have really come to love the effect of the Alchemist’s Stone. It makes even the most minuscule of Mana Potions have a great effect. With my current mana pool, a (Super Mana Potion) can fill over half my mana pool. And (Fel Mana Potions) are down right amazing, restoring 4480 mana.

I jumped in a heroic Mana Tombs group last night with some guildies for some easy badges. We had a Hunter with us who was on Vent with us who wasn’t in the guild but made no secret that he wanted to be. Ciths directed him to talk to me, which kind of came as a surprise. Now I am not quite sure what gear level of people we are looking to recruit but the Hunter in question was in all Season 1 gear. Which I will be first to admit is a great stepping stone into other raid gear. The funny part was I was discussing the “finer” points of gemming Hunter gear with Agility rather than Attack Power, and went on a little rant. It was then that Moirainne whispered me to point out that the other aspiring Hunter was gemmed for Attack Power. Who knew? :)

As it stands our guild roster of Hunters consists of me and . . . . well, that’s about it. So we’ll see what we end up doing on way of recruiting. Interestingly enough, I think we are set on healers and tanks for our upcoming 25-man raids, but are lacking geared DPS.

Another thing I wanted to talk on was about Hunter specs. There has been quite a few posts on other blogs about “clinging” to ineffective Hunter specs. I wanted to touch on that mentality for a bit.

On my Warrior back in the day, I was Fury while it was bad. Why? I liked dual wielding. And maybe part of it had to do that I was rocking Teebu’s Blazing Longsword and a Argent Avenger back when Valor was the gear to be envied.

Needless to say I held to the spec for a long time. And I was good at it. Then I was the main tank for the premiere raiding guild at the time, the main tank for the first raid groups to set foot into Onyxia, etc.

But talents change. And they get better or worse. I eventually became MS for PvP with a Hand of Rag, specced Fury when raiding AQ and Naxx.

And now we have a Hunter spec that for a long time was a great raiding build, but through changes and new talents, it has become the most viable (if not the only real viable) spec for PvP, and the Beast Mastery tree which at face value seems like a good PvP tree has now dominated DPS meters due to Serpent’s Swiftness almost single-handedly.

So what is a Hunter to do? That depends on you as a person I guess. A lot of people don’t like that Beast Mastery is the talent spec that allows for the best personal DPS. Hmm, let me rephrase. They don’t like the fact that Marksmanship isn’t as viable as BM.

Now I find myself as the person who would do what is needed to maximize my effectiveness and/or efficiency in any given situation. I was BM as most of you know when we were running raids lacking physical DPS. But before that and now I am Survival as the spec will now be utilized. But if the situation arose once again where I was needed to be BM again, I would do it, taking into solace that the other folks would be hard-pressed to beat my in DPS. Being a DPS class, I want to do my job the very best I can.

Does that mean Marksmanship should be ignored or relegated to its fate of being a PvP spec until WotLK hits? Not at all. I would greatly encourage the talent trees to be comparable to each other to provide unique but equally effective options.

But at the same time, not ever class gets one spec that is viable in all situations. Some trees are going to be more effective in one role than another. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not enjoy the fact that using a Scorpid to mask Viper Sting and running a drain team is the only viable option to be a high-rated Arena Hunter. But that is how it currently stands.

Other than a single Arms Warrior, they are not desired in raids since you only need one for Blood Frenzy, similar to Expose Weakness. SL/SL Warlocks? Laughable DPS in raids. In Arena? They might as well be a raid boss a lot of the time. Mace Rogues? Once again, sub-par damage in comparison to their counterparts. And unless I am wrong, Fire or Arcane outperforms Frost as well.

Does this mean they can’t be used for DPS? Not at all, just as a MM Hunter can still do great DPS. But the numbers just happen to be that take two equally geared and skilled people and give them two different specs, one is going to be better at a given task.

Now the crap Rilgon has dealt with, getting turned down by guilds due to his spec before seeing him perform is amazingly short-sighted on the guilds part. Hunters are a dime a dozen. Smart Hunters who know their class and far fewer. And they missed out on grabbing a Hunter smarter than Hunters with gear at levels far beyond is. I am sure he could go in and out-DPS a lot of people. Now spec him BM, and he will out-DPS his former self.

But the general attitude of it is what I don’t agree with.

(2008-04-03 14:36:36) Mirshalak: no…but I am calling Serpent’s Swiftness one
(2008-04-03 14:36:41) Mirshalak: and BW
(2008-04-03 14:36:50) Rilgon: An exploit of what, Blizzard’s ineptitude?
(2008-04-03 14:36:55) Mirshalak: yes

I don’t agree with this at all. First off, I am not trying to down play their knowledge of the Hunter class at all. But because Blizzard’s current vision of the game does not match what they would like to see does not show ineptitude from Blizzard. All specs are not equal, because if they were then there wouldn’t really be a purpose in having them. And because their spec of choice is not the best at this point does not mean something has been screwed up.

Do I like the fact Trueshot Aura doesn’t scale? Nope. Or that Silencing Shot doesn’t actually act like an interrupt therefore making is useless on most boss fights? Not at all. Do I like the fact that Serpent’s Swiftness scales well and makes the tree great for PvE? Yes, I do like the fact that it works well and performs quite admirably. Just like how I like that Expose Weakness scales.

Should things be changed in the Marksmanship tree? Abso-freakin’-lutely.

And while seeing those changes to the tree would be nice, just like how it would be nice to see changes made to the class in general, some of it may happen, some of it may not.

Speccing into Beast Mastery isn’t going to be disappointing anyone, as Trackhoof commented on Rilgon’s blog. As a Hunter we are already trying to shake off the “Huntard” title that most people label Hunters with. And by speccing BM all it shows is that you are willing to what is needed to maximize yourself in the role you are in. And you will out-perform “lesser” Hunters.

It’s Friday. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I plan on taking my Hunter to Voidreaver for the first time this Sunday. As always if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just want to tell me I am wrong, by all means, leave a comment.

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