Oh Happy Day! I am Survival again!

So Warbull got moved over to our new guild before I got home last night. With our real raiding schedule not planned to start till Tuesday, we still made an attempt to garner enough folks to go hit up Magtheridon and Gruul’s.

Whole the loot was not exciting (which we mean that no Dragonspine Trophy dropped) we took out Gruul and headed over to Magtheridon.

While we were running with a few people out of the guild, when the Chestguard of the Fallen Defender dropped, only two Warriors rolled, being Warbull and a guildie Warrior named Caliboy. Caliboy set a shining example of things to come by letting Warbull take it so he can finally replace his Season 1 chestpiece for tanking purposes. Hooray for Warbull.

As for me? No loot, but that’s fine with me. I have been nominated/volunteered/forced my way into the spot of being the guild Survival Hunter. No more one-button mashing for me. Now don’t get me wrong, the DPS output for Beast Mastery was incredible. But I really like the Survival tree, and I really like bringing the raid-wide buffs.

So what did I change with my gear and spec? Let’s review!

I am now wearing the Tunic of the Ranger Lord as it was a great increase in my raw agility over my S3 chestpiece. However, remembering the problem we had the other day, we knew we had to re-socket something to keep my Meta Gem working. To fix that, my Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation now have a Jagged Chrysoprase to fulfill my blue gem requirement for the Meta Gem in conjunction with the +4 AGi +6 Stam gem I put in my boots.

I was able to resocket my Breeching Comets with +8 Agi gems now, which allows them to provide me with 92 raw agility. Tonight I plan on replacing the gem in my bracers again with another +8 Agi gem to further increase my raw Agility.

I currently sit at 766 Agility completely unbuffed. Ideally I will be able to replace my Dory’s Embrace with a Cloak of Fiends in the near future to get something with Agility on it. With the release of the Badge vendor in the near future, I look forward to replacing my Karazhan ring with one with Agility.

As far as my spec goes, I went straight PvE usefulness. I didn’t even take Scatter Shot. I know, I know. I opted to pick up Improved Aspect of the Hawk. I also volunteered to be the Improved Hunter’s Mark Hunter, which is fine with me. Steady Shot costs more, but I provide the physical raid DPS with over 660 Attack Power once you buff me up with things like Kings and Mark. So yeah, I can accept not being #1 on DPS.

So I need to re-tune my shot rotation now, as I didn’t take Improved Arcane Shot, so I cannot run a Auto > Steady > Arcane > Auto > Steady > Auto > Steady > Arcane because the cooldown on Arcane Shot will be slightly too long due to the speed of my gun. If I need to, I might switch back to Sunfury but not till after I have had a nice long talk with Cheeky’s Spreadsheet and pummeled Doctor Boom for a bit.

And I’m out!

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