I Might Be a Jerk Today

I generally try to be friendly and a cordial person. I prefer to educate people rather than lambaste them about how they might have made incorrect decisions. But this particular situation bothers/perplexes me. I have BigRedKitty on my RSS feeds. But sometimes I have to question his Hunter decisions.

His latest post is extremely disconcerting. First off, why would you ever want the Talon of A’lar? It is the most atrocious trinket you could use. And even if you did convince yourself that it was worth using, why would want it as a BM Hunter? You don’t even use Arcane Shot. You couldn’t pay me to use that thing with about a hojillion better options available. Yes, a hojillion.

If you take a look at this gem selection, I cry on the inside a little as well. He did indeed gem for Attack Power instead of crit. Sure, I know that gem is a quest reward. Doesn’t mean it’s worth using. Not only that, he has missed the hit cap by 15. So unless he is raiding with an iFF Druid, what on Earth is he doing? Now let me clarify. BRK isn’t bad by any means. Not in the slightest. But if so many Hunters read his blog, look to him as a sort of guiding star for Hunters, he could make sure he sets a good example!

OK, enough of me being a jerk. Let’s move on to other things. We ran a full Zul’Aman last night, and we would have gotten 3 chests except for a little confusion about which side of Dragonhawk we were going to tackle first. No big deal really. We still cleared the whole place. I went in with the hope of picking up a Cloak of Fiends to push my rotation into the consistent 1:1 rotation, but it didn’t drop. But I did manage to pick up Shadowhunter’s Treads for myself while I am still BM. Wannabecow, our guild leader, still intends on having my respec in the near future back to Survival. So to help with that spec, I picked up a Trollbane.

I am excited for the day I respec. Having only to reach 95 hit rating, I can skip a lot of the extra +hit I picked up in favor of pure, unadulterated Agility. >:) I plan on using what badges I pick up in the next few days to buy Crimson Spinels and have them turned into Delicate Crimson Spinels to stick in the Axe. I will still need to do some min/maxing with my current gear selection to see what is going to provide the most raw Agility without gimping my personal DPS too much. I still want to pick up the Cloak of Fiends since it has Agility on it.

It’s Tuesday, so it is a new week of raiding. Everything is alive again, and rumor has it that our Fire Resist tank has all the gear he needs for the second boss of Mount Hyjal. Which is exciting. :D

So that’s it for now. Hope everyone has a great Tuesday. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions, concerns, or if you feel I am wrong about something.

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