Guild Progress and a New Pet

For being around only 7 days or so, we are now 4/6 SSC. Leo was killed on the first attempt last night and we killed Fathom-Lord Karathress on the second attempt, although it would have been the first attempt if we had a second Misdirection.

I picked up my Tier 5 pants and now have my 2-piece bonus, which is amazing beyond all belief. In addition, it frees up 100 Badges that I can use for gloves instead. So far I am still the only Hunter in the guild, and there were not enough Warlocks or Mages in the raid who wanted them, so I was able to get them regardless of picking up Tier 5 shoulders already.

I tamed a Wind Serpent last night in Netherstorm and powered it to 70 while farming in Shadowmoon Valley. I am going to use it tonight and see what kind of DPS increase I get from using Lightning Breath. I am unsure if Lighting Breath will be able to hit A’lar from the ground during phase 1, but as it stands, I know I lose a lot of DPS during that phase since Khagan really can’t attack due to him dying during the whirl.

I’ll let you in on a little secret about where I farm. In fact some of you may already know about it.

This is up where you would bomb Infernals for a quest, or do a little “Metal Gear” espionage by hiding in a box near the Legion Hold Communicator. The casters mobs that surround the pillars are some of the best humanoid farming I have ever found. They have have very few hitpoints, only around 5 or 6 thousand. In addition, while they try to run towards you, most stop and cast Shadowbolts before they get to you allowing you to fire at will. I have killed quite a few in just 3 shots if I get a nice string of crits. And their respawn rate is psychotic. Really psychotic. In fact, I didn’t have to move for 15 minutes. I would accidentally melee some of them because I was trying to loot the corpse of their predecessor because they respawned so fast.

In about an hour or of farming I ended up with 8 greens items for Moirainne to disenchant, 13 Fel Armaments, 130 Marks of Sargeras, 14 stacks of Netherweave, and roughly 110g before selling anything.

With a level 70 pet, you can easily solo the elite demon that walks around as well as long as you remember to move out of the fire and cast Mend Pet.

Tonight we hit up Gruul’s in an attempt to get a Dragonspine Trophy before we head back to make more attempts at A’lar.

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