DPS Down, Back to Survival

We didn’t tackle any Hyjal or Black Temple last night. Instead we went and cleared through Serpentshrine Cavern. I managed to pick up my Tier 5 helm off Vashj as well.

After respeccing I am sitting at 812 Agility unbuffed. With some rough numbers, I should sit at 987 Agility with some raid buffs. With our current rate of progression, if I manage to win Tier 6 Gloves, Bow-Stitched Leggings, Quickstrider Moccasins I can hit 860 Agility unbuffed, and over 1050 Agility or so raid buffed quite easily. And that is just out of the first 4 bosses in Mount Hyjal. So that’s exciting. :)

I am running into a problem though. The badge breastplate, the Scaled Drakeskin Chestguard and Bindings of Lightning Reflexes are causing problems with my shot rotation. The bow is already at 2.8 speed, which in most cases is alright, however the haste is throwing me off.

My paperdoll attack speed is 2.36, and getting the Arcane Shot in every other Auto -> Steady is proving quite challenging. I went out to Dr. Boom and recorded a WWS for it as well. You can view it here.

The first couple shots in the series are just getting things rolling, but you can see that I was able to get the Arcane Shot in most cases, but there are sections like this:

00:22’23.279 Drotara’s Auto Shot crits Dr. Boom for 1361 Physical damage
00:22’25.404 Drotara’s Steady Shot crits Dr. Boom for 1480 Physical damage
00:22’26.216 Drotara’s Auto Shot crits Dr. Boom for 1448 Physical damage
00:22’27.982 Drotara’s Steady Shot hits Dr. Boom for 637 Physical damage
00:22’28.498 Drotara’s Auto Shot hits Dr. Boom for 583 Physical damage
00:22’29.919 Drotara’s Steady Shot crits Dr. Boom for 1418 Physical damage
00:22’30.248 Drotara’s Arcane Shot hits Dr. Boom for 685 Arcane damage

During those sections the Steady Shot starts just late enough after the Auto Shot due to global cooldown that it takes another round before I can get the Arcane Shot in. I was tempted to buy the Steadying Bracers from the badge vendor, but we are going to wait till after Mount Hyjal tonight and see if we can possibly pick-up the Bracers of the Pathfinder to remove some of that haste, because I think dropping the 27 from the bracers will slow down my speed enough.

The other problem is I can’t exactly make a Shot Rotation/Mana Efficiency video like I mentioned yesterday. The fact I was still able to take the Efficiency talent in conjunction with Thrill of the Hunt, any mana problems I might have had are all but gone now. But making a Fraps video of Hyjal or BT tonight still might be fun. I did record my shot rotation tests last night, but I don’t think that is going to be nearly as exciting.

That’s everything for today. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, yadda yadda, leave ‘em here. I am not talking about the 2.4.2 notes today. I figure there will be enough of that.

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