Big Red . . . Wind Serpent. Again.

Let’s play the spec dance! Back to Beast Mastery again. After reviewing our WWS reports, I decided that it would be more beneficial (at least for now) to provide Ferocious Inspiration for my immediate party than Expose Weakness for the raid because frankly, our best DPS are casters right now. By a long shot. I don’t mind really. The spec is a lot of fun.

I am desperately holding back turning today into another rant. Frankly there are too many Hunter blogs out there with people whining about BM. In fact one of them even has a link to another blog about about a high-end raiding Hunter complaining about MM not being viable. And it’s ridiculous. Brigwyn asked me if I would be willing to contribute to his site, and I unfortunately had to turn him down. Why? I don’t feel that most of his contributors are actually providing anything to the Hunter community. At all. You can browse the site and try to guess who they are. Here’s a hint. I am not talking about Alu and the information he has at Nightdrifter. Because that stuff is down right amazing.

OK, moving on. While I was gone Sunday, the guild decided that they would try and clear some Sunwell trash with whoever was online. Sounds like they had a great time, and one of our Enhancement Shaman picked up a Mounting Vengeance. Apparently the plan tonight is to kill Teron Gorefiend and follow that with a bit more trash clearing for kicks, giggles, and trash drops. :)

News about “Growl” has been discussed all over, so I won’t touch on it. It’s easy to find out what’s going on.

I don’t know about you, but reading Pike’s blog always makes me smile. Especially her post about abandoning her pet raptor named “Wash.” I got the reference Pike. When farming for Strange Spores, I make it a point to kill the right mobs in hopes of getting a Captured Firefly.

Not to mention my Alliance Warlock is the guild leader of “Blue Sun Corp”, my twink Hunter is named Jaynecobb, while my new Rogue twink is Shepdardbook. My wife’s Warrior is named Fastlkafreak (“How did I dodge that?” “Because you’re fast like a freak?” :D ). Yes, we are indeed Firefly/Serenity nerds.

I know how you feel about taming pets. My Wind Serpent is my best DPS pet. But I won’t abandon Khagan. I wanted him since I first rolled a Hunter. My first attempt at a Hunter was a Tauren a couple years ago. I got him to mid-30s but made it a point to tame Humar the moment I could. And when I made this Hunter I knew there was no other choice than to tame him again. I figure when WotLK hits, it’s either going to be the Wind Serpent or the Ghost Wolf who has to go (maybe both) unless something changes and depending on what new pets we get.

OK. Uneventful Monday. See you all tomorrow!

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