Unlucky Arena, Halazzi, etc.

Sitting at the brink of 1850. We had a 3v3 rating of 1835 as of Monday night. Rather than play 1 or 2 more games to push us over the edge, we stopped playing. And we attempted to play our games last night. Well, 7 games later we are 1-6 with a rating at 1765.

Well there goes that plan. It was frustrating to say the least. Just on the cusp of getting there. “Arena giveth and the Arena taketh away.”

We also tried to finish our Zul’Aman last night before reset. We managed to get a great group together and killed Halazzi in one try. Moirainne picked up some snazzy Spaulders of the Advocate. We didn’t manage to kill Hex Lord, as not having a Warlock was detrimental to crowd controlling Fenstalker.

Tonight we will go attempt another fresh run aiming to get Nalorakk and Akil’zon in the timed event. So I am hoping for my shoulders/cloak/axe. I am sure we will get cloth though.

Sorry about missing the posts the last 2 days. Hopefully people are finding talent, gem, enchant posts useful.

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