Phew, that’s a lot of people.

So how was everyone’s patch day? If you were on a PvP server, I am sure you had a great time as long as you traveled in large numbers. I must admit the new daily quests are pretty sweet. Especially now that I have a daily quest I can do that involves me picking herbs. Hooray for that.

I hope everyone was able to give Magister’s Terrace a try. Unless you are in a raiding guild of course, and you took some shots at Sunwell. I already saw a Hunter running around with a Shivering Felspine. Go go Illidan. I guess Blood Legion is reporting to have gotten the world first Brutallus kill on the live servers. We’ll have that Badge vendor up in no time. Around 11 PM Mountain Time we were past 40%.

We still convinced people to do Karazhan last night, so we could rack up 22 more Badges, which puts my total at 317. Just waiting . . .

Magister’s Terrace is crowded. That instance has a lot of mobs in it with encounters most of you should be familiar with. Selin Fireheart is like the Warlord in Steamvaults. Vexallus is like Curator except with crap HP. Priestess Delrissa is like a Moroes/Hex Lord fight with random adds. Kael’thas is like . . . well, Kael’thas.

Moirainne picked up Kharmaa’s Ring of Fate when we ran it, which puts her bonus healing somewhere near the 2000 mark if I recall correctly. Which, by the way, she informs me that we are being informally recruited. Or “urged” to fill out applications for a middle-tier raiding guild on our server. As each day passes our ability to upgrade our gear lessens and the content we run becomes less and less necessary. What to do? That’s the question.

So yeah. We usually hover right under 200 unique visitors a day, which I am content with. Google Analytics tells me that a lot of the viewers are repeat visitors. But I checked today and yesterday the views skyrocketed up over 500. I didn’t receive any e-mails from Google telling me about a new link yet, so if I showed up somewhere I am unaware of it. Needless to say, that’s a lot of new visitors. So hello to you guys!

OK, back to work! As always, feel free to leave questions, comments, or suggestions.

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