Patch Day, BRK Posts, Zul’Aman. Oh my!

Phew! We’ve got a lot to cover today so let’s get to it!

Here I am, out and about, when I receive a call from Warbull that him and Moirainne are in a group for Zul’Aman, wondering when I am going to log on. Well as I was doing nothing important, I scurried myself home, logged on, and promptly got an invite. It was a well-geared group who was shooting for the first two timed events.

We cleared to Eagle first without any problems. Nice clean kill with plenty of time left to go. Moirainne picked up a Chestguard of Hidden Purpose. Loot #1.

We quickly clear our way to the Bear boss with everything going smoothly. And then for no reason, our Druid off-tank (wearing Tier 6 mind you. We had to wait for him to finish with Illidan) died. No real reason other than brain lapses from healers I guess. And this was at 47%. Eek! Well, we figured we would push out as much DPS as we could, although we were in anticipation of a wipe.

Except Warbull is a beast. And tanked both forms for over 40% of the boss. Do you know why you need two tanks for Nalorakk? One, it’s from Mangle. And when you combine it with Lacerating Slash and Rend Flesh, well it’s safe to say “lesser tanks” would have died. But not Warbull! So with DPS going balls to the wall (pardon the rather crude expression) with caution being thrown into the wind, we killed Nalorakk with one tank within the timed event.

And with that being said, the first two bosses were kind to our guild. Deciding to not push for Dragonhawk in the timed allotment, we looted both chests. And when all 4 pieces of loot were distributed, we faired very well. Moirainne had her aforementioned breastplate, and Warbull got this Pauldrons of Stone Resolve. And for me?

Pauldrons of Primal Fury and Tuskbreaker! Ahhhhhhhhhh yeah. :D

Boy we are hawt looking! We received some nice compliments about how us 3 were able to pull our weight with such a well-geared group. Warbull also received some nice words about how much HP he had, especially considering he didn’t have any Black Temple gear. Well, hooray us! In hindsight, if I had alt-tabbed and checked to see if we were getting the patch today (which we did) I would have passed on the gun in anticipation of buying the Badge crossbow.

So I feel the desire to lightly touch on a post made my BigRedKitty. He only briefly mentions what most would consider to be the most important aspect of the most viable Hunter Arena spec. And that is playing the drain game. We might see some shift in focus or strategy with today’s patch but any high-rated *cough*Megatf*cough* will tell you (unfortunately for many) is that competitive Hunters have to play the drain game. Obviously talents like like Barrage, which increases Multi Shot damage, is huge for finishing people off. But when it comes down to it, since we rarely get to hunker down into our Shot Rotation, having the healer or caster DPS out of mana is crucial. Nothing he said in his post is wrong really, it is just important to know that as an 11/41/9 Hunter that burst is not your game for most of the match. Which is too bad, since we go from topping raid DPS charts to having to use weird mechanics to mask Viper Sting to be competitively viable.

OK, moving on to patch day! Phew! Important things to remember for big patch day!

  • Update your mods! I feel bad for anyone not running an automatic updater. If you are running popular, high-profile mods, or anything based off libraries (i.e Ace2), chances are your mod authors will have made the needed changes already or will soon. If you find that you are getting a lot of errors while in WoW, start disabling add-ons and run the game closer to vanilla than normal till they are ready.
  • The servers may explode. It’s true. This is a big patch with a whole lot of crazy happening. Remember that the new Badge vendor is not available immediately, as your server needs to help retake the island. So don’t go around asking anyone where to find her yet as you can’t get to her.
  • New dailies = New, easy money! All the daily quests that you do will help progress your server in retaking the island. So get to it!
  • Review any class changes in the patch notes that pertain to you (and everyone else if you care enough) and familiarize yourself with any mechanic changes or any ability modifications. The more you know . . . and knowing is half the battle!

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