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The first part of this post isn’t WoW related, so bear with me for a minute. My grandfather passed away yesterday. My mom called me early in the morning once she heard from her brother. While it wasn’t a shock, as my grandparents were both in their 90′s, it is still a hard thing to deal with. For a lot of my youth when my parents were trying to get on their feet, we lived with my grandparents which created a lot of great memories. My grandfather loved reading, as I recall him in a recliner reading Louis L’Amour as I was growing up. But always had time to be a grandpa. I am more concerned with how my mom is handling the situation, as she is the baby of her siblings and to the day he passed, called him “daddy.” As for me, I am trying to see if I can find flights that will let me fly from Utah to California for the funeral. In most situations I would drive there, but skipping 3 days of work would cause huge problems with paying bills. But we’ll see.

So on to WoW related material. Because I think that’s how I deal with things. I don’t try to push situations like these out of my head or ignore them, but I try to focus on things that make me happy or smile. And while my memories of my grandpa do make me happy, they are kind of overshadowed at the moment. And WoW is my escape.

I respecced again. I would like to apologize to all those Hunters who swear by deep Survival. But I didn’t like Readiness. So while my spec is still mostly PvE Survival, I opted to get Scatter Shot and Wyvern Sting again. And I love it.

Vinculum, Xcebin, and myself played 3v3 Arena last night. And whatever the reason, we played amazingly. We went 8-2, raising our rating to 1711. We beat the Mage/Rogue/Priest we had so much difficulty with last week. One loss came from a Warrior/Elemental Shaman/Resto Druid team that was able to unload on Vinculum. While we didn’t go down without swinging back, the burst was brutal. Our second loss was to a Hunter/Rogue/Priest who butchered my mana pool. Honestly though, in hindsight we figured we could beat that team fairly easily.

And we did. Our 10th game was against the same team and took control of the situation. I did a better job of staying out of sight from the Priest and Vinculum went to town on the Rogue. A well-timed Scatter Shot and Wyvern Sting made sure the Rogue died, even with the ridiculously broken Cheat Death. I hate it so much.

So I will be getting my awesome Eyeball Helmet on Tuesday. Which will be a great upgrade, even in a PvE sense. Now I just need to transmute another Earthstorm Diamond. We are feeling more confident about our ability to get to 1850 now. So we shall see how the subsequent weeks go for us.

Hello Kitty has been doing a great job of pooling together resources for everyone. Our healers have become much better geared in the last week. Both are almost past 1800 bonus healing, and Warbull could easily tank Gruul now if needed. While we don’t have plans to go recruiting people for 25-man content, handling our own Karazhan was a nice step forward, and taking the reigns of a Zul’Aman group is great for all of us.

Signing off…

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