Karazhan, Gems, PTR, Arena, etc

We ran our weekly Karazhan last night. And apart from Nemosyne having a very bad habit of shopping online when she should be healing, the run went very well. Warbull picked up Mantle of Abrahmis off of Netherspite, so now he can stop wearing Gladiator’s shoulders for tanking purposes. He also picked up a King’s Defender. With paltry 10-man buffs, he was sitting over 19k HP. And that is awesome.

As for me, I am 22 Badges richer now, putting my total at 173. Which isn’t nearly enough as MMO-Champion has some new information for us, regarding what we can spend our Badges on.
Now that is awesome. I am sure many raiders are going to be upset that they can no longer sell these gems for 500g a pop, or the fact that they are no longer only available to folks that are currently in Black Temple or the such. But as far as I am concerned until they have a Warglaive of Azzinoth up for sale for Badges, I think it’s great for everyone willing to put in the time to get Badges. Personally I like the direction Blizzard is attempting to take these things. It feels like they are trying to steer people away from having to buy excessively overpriced items and allowing them to obtain through putting in the time and effort. Which is essentially what the raiders did as well. This is just a different type of time and effort.

Now the folks who want to further progress their character have the ability to do so if they cannot commit to the raid times of a guild in Black Temple/Mount Hyjal and soon-to-be Sunwell. It’s not like 15 Badges is overly easy. One Karazhan run is enough Badges for one gem. That’s three and a half Heroic Mechanar runs. So anyone who wants to get these gems has to put forth an effort to do so.

I logged on to the Test Realm yesterday for a few minutes, just to have a look around. I am really looking forward to this patch, as a whole plethora of new daily quests that don’t involve bombing things or evil birds that chase you around.

Blizzard has now stated that they do not plan on removing the rating requirements for Season 3 items once Season 4 starts. They have stated that they may adjust the required rating but they have all intents to leave it in place. What that number is going to be is not yet known or undecided.

If any shiny news comes up today, I will let you know!

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