I’ve Got My Eye On You!

This update will be fairly short and sweet. I took the day off to accomplish some things, so I have to get to it. I got my Vengeful Gladiator’s Chain Helm last night. So now I have a third eye (to better to see you with!). My unbuffed crit rate is now at 37%. Which makes me smile. I opted for the straight +8 Agility Delicate Living Ruby to get my socket bonus. I am currently sitting at 373 Resilience which is nothing too shabby either.

Warbull should have his Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer before we run Karazhan this evening. I am really impressed with how our small group of folks has really pulled together to get everyone enchanted and geared for our PvE endeavors. Server-last Nalorakk kill? Who cares. Everyone did a great job. And when we join a PUG, people will think “Hey, those guys from Hello Kitty are well-geared and they were a great tank/DPS/healer. We should invite them again.”

OK, time to be productive.

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