I feel dirty. But the numbers make me feel better.

So after a, how should we say, less than spectacular ZA run last night (if you can call it a run) I decided that despite my love for Survival I need to see about maximizing my personal DPS.

So I respecced to Beast Mastery. And using a 3:2 shot rotation, my DPS has sky-rocketed. In most situations with a weapon such as Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle I would use a 1:1 rotation, firing Steady Shot and Auto Shot. However with Sunfury, it is too slow for the 1:1 rotation.

A 3:2 rotation involves my shots looking something this: Auto Shot > Steady Shot > Steady Shot > Auto Shot > Steady Shot and then repeating that sequence. We ran heroic Mechanar and Slave Pens to get some Badges last night and in both instances my personal DPS was just shy of 1000 sustained for the instance. That’s only with Blessing of Might. So yeah, the actual damage output is great.

Obviously if I ever get to the point where I am in a 25-man raid, I would completely volunteer to bring Expose Weakness to the raid but at this point it just was not proving to be viable.

Additionally, I am up to 276 Badges of Justice in anticipation for 2.4 which I feel we might get next week.

EDIT: Oh. I thought I would add to this post real quick. Thanks to everyone who read the blog, leaves comments, or sends me an e-mail. It’s good to know that people are reading my silly meanderings. I know I don’t advertise as much as other blogs and my blogroll is kept to a minimum as there are not a lot of sites I read regularly, so there really isn’t an influx of readers clicking over. Most of the time the sites I read are ones related to the geeky aspects of WoW (Well, I guess geekier than WoW in general). :)

So, thanks again to everyone that reads the blog!

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