Hunter Specs, Gems, and Enchants (Part 3: Enchants)

Part 1: Specs
Part 2: Gems

Part 3 of my 3-part series (kind of sounds like a television show) will cover enchants for your Hunter. We have a few options here depending on what item slot we are referring to. While we may lay out some general guidelines, I must stress that it is important to analyze your personal situation to base your decision on enchants. What may be good for me in Arena my not be ideal for you in Arena. Or in instances, or anything else.

So let’s jump right in, shall we?

So let’s start from the top, the head slot. Barring out some desire for resist sets or the such, the head slot gives you the best reason to get Revered with Cenarion Expedition. The Glyph of Ferocity is an amazing head enchant that will cost a cool 100 gold before factoring in reputation discounts. Easy enough? OK, good. Moving on. :)

It’s worth mentioning the shoulder enchants from the Aldors and the Scryers. This falls in line with the head enchant from Cenarion Expedition. Once you picked your faction, the enchant is fairly obvious.
Inscription of the Blade
Greater Inscription of the Blade
Inscription of Vengence
Greater Inscription of Vengence

This is another selection that is almost brain-dead. With Feign Death being a complete aggro wipe on a relatively short cooldown, the only enchant you need to worry about is Greater Agility, which provides an additional +12 Agility.

Now we get to the point where we have a few options. The first thing to consider is what are you using this chest piece for? Is it a PvP chest? Is it for PvE? Are you concerned about your survivability? So let’s run down what we can choose from.

Exceptional Stats: This is my enchant of choice for PvE purposes. If you read the last part of this little trilogy, you will remember how I suggested to always gem for raw stats. And in my opinion, enchants are not any different. +6 stats become better with buffs and talents, just like gems that have stats rather than AP for instance. In addition, it provides such a well-rounded increase, boosting Health, Mana, crit chance, and Attack Power. It also affects the amount of Mana that you will regenerate using Aspect of the Viper.

Major Resilience: This is my enchant of choice for PvP purposes. And while it’s not the end-all enchant, it’s important to consider your role in PvP, and more specifically, Arena. If you are looking to play competitively, you will find yourself, as a Hunter, high on the list of targets making survival incredibly important.

Alternatively you do have the option to enchant for +150 Health or +150 Mana but they are not very good options. They are not affected by Blessing of Kings, they are not the optimal choice for survival purposes, and do not affect your Agility.

We have a few viable options here. Probably more so than many of our item slots.

Fortitude: It is a solid PvP enchant. It provides raw stats in the form of +12 Stamina. There isn’t too much to say about it, except if you find yourself frequently being targetted or having survivability issues, it might be worth considering.

Stats: This is a solid enchant choice for all Hunters. While I stress Agility, the huge gap between the stats gained from this enchant and the 24 AP lessens it some. For a Survival Hunter it is important to keep in mind that 1 Agility is equal to about 3 AP. So in this case, 24 AP outweighs it, although it provides other bonuses.

Assault: This is one of the few situations where I would say that Attack Power over raw stats is acceptable. Given that there is no +Agility enchant to bracers, no one can fault you for choosing 26 Attack Power over the 4 Agility you would get from putting +4 stats on them. It is a solid choice in all situations, and would recommend it over +4 stats.

Major Intellect: There is a lot of merit to this enchant, as you will see many high-rated Hunters running +12 Intellect. Why so? Because it’s the drain game. It’s how Arena games go at higher levels. And +12 Intellect are not only raw stats, it provides a nice boost to Aspect of the Viper, which can be crucial when Arena matches drag on. Also, if you are having mana efficiency issues in a PvE setting, the same reasoning can be applied. Also make note that if you have any points in Careful Aim, that Intellect is turned into Attack Power as well.

There are only two enchants that should ever be considered, and if you have read this far, you know I will only suggest one.

Assault: This enchant is +26 Attack Power. I would only put this on a pair of gloves that you do not plan on keeping, as the enchant itself is incredibly cheap to do. I currently have it on my Season 1 gloves since I know next week I will be replacing it with Season 3 gloves. In which case I will be enchanting it with . . .

Superior Agility: THE enchant of choice for Hunters on any pair of gloves that you plan on having for more than a day. I stated previously that I have the AP enchant on my S1 gloves since they will be replaced. But my Tier 4 gloves have this enchant since I will probably not be replacing them until 2.4 (or S3 gloves if I find they are a big enough PvE increase for me). I am sure people are getting tired of hearing it, but raw stats is huge.

Too often I see individuals on the forums post about how they think AP is better for them in their situation, somehow thinking that 9 AP is going to be better than all the crit gained from +15 Agility. And ignoring the fact that Blessing Of Kings further reduces the AP difference and increases the crit chance difference.

In reality, there are only two “enchants” you should choose from, and by enchants I mean Armor Kits. While not obtained from an enchanter, similar to the Glyph of Ferocity, they are definitely worth mentioning.

Nethercleft Leg Armor: This is generally the Armor Kit of choice for PvP purposes. As I mentioned, you will often find yourself as the target, and +40 Stamina in conjunction with +12 Agility provides more survivability when being focused. In addition, the stats are in their raw form, which as we all know are affected by talents and buffs.

Nethercobra Leg Armor: And here we have the Armor Kit for PvE. While it doesn’t have the raw stats you will find on Nethercleft, the sheer numbers make it vastly superior. Weighing in with +50 Attack Power and +12 Critical Strike Rating, you can easily see how it will be a much larger DPS increase than the +12 Agility from Nethercleft. If you are on an Arena team that doesn’t rely on you being able to take hits quite as much, this might also be optimal for you in that setting.

Enchants for your feet is sort of dependent on your Meta gem selection. Depending on what you decided to use, the most viable foot enchant changes quite a bit.

First, let’s assume that you decided to use the Relentless Earthstorm Diamond, this leaves you with two solid options for foot enchants. And in my opinion, the only two foot enchants a Hunter needs at this point in the game.

Boar’s Speed: This enchant is the most viable for a PvP selection. It provides a run speed increase in addition to +9 Stamina. Unlike Cat’s Speed, which only provides +6 Agility.

Dexterity: When it comes to straight PvE, this is no other option. +12 Agility is everything we desire in an enchant.

The one Meta gem which can drastically change your foot enchant selection is the Swift Skyfire Diamond and it’s cheaper little brother from Terokkar Forest.

Surefooted: If for some reason you didn’t use the Relentless Earthstorm, this enchant is interesting as it provides Hit Rating and Snare and Root Resist. This is popular for Warriors and not Hunters usually.

In fact I would like to really try to encourage the Relentless Earthstorm Diamond in conjunction with Boar’s Speed/Dexterity as a Meta gem + Foot Enchant choice. It really is the most viable combinations for all Hunters. I listed the other options to show what choices are out there, but the DPS in PvE/Viability in PvP is unsurpassed in my opinion using those combinations.

This is another selection that I don’t even question. Similar to the AP on gloves, some will argue that Savagery is great. But without a doubt +35 Agility is the truly best enchant a Hunter can get on a 2-handed weapon. Savagery is a cheaper enchant, so if you stick it on Terrok’s Quill in anticipation of a Sonic Spear, Legacy, or S3 Axe, no one will fault you for it. But remember, 35 Agility is better.

When enchanting one-handed weapons, you have two options, which change based on their purpose. +20 Agility on a one-hander is a great increase if you have the weapons worth putting them on. For example, the Dagger of Bad Mojo with +21 Agility and Armor Penetration is THE best Survival weapon combo you can get in game currently when combined with a second Dagger of Bad Mojo. (Update: Now there are the daggers out of Sunwell . . . but hey, this was written before that. :) )

For high-rated Arena, further reinforcing the statement I made about +12 Intellect to bracers, +30 Intellect on one-handed weapons is a completely viable option if you have Careful Aim and/or are having Mana efficiency issues. In fact, in PvE some Hunters will carry a pair of one-handers with +30 Intel for the times when they do need to switch to Aspect of the Viper.

Choosing between +20 Agility or +30 Intel is a decision you will need to make based off your current situation and what you feel your current weakness is.

Hopefully this provided some insight on the various options that Hunters have in terms of enchants. As always, I encourage anyone with any questions, comments, or corrections to leave a comment. I don’t know everything I would appreciate any feedback.

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