43.0% 50.2% 43.0%

I can post that here without getting banned. Why? Because it’s my blog. If those numbers don’t mean anything to you, allow me to fill you in. Kalgan posted some Arena numbers on the forums last week, he said they were “normalized” on the class participation in each Arena bracket. As he explained, the numbers were a percentage of what Blizzard was hoping to see, participation-wise, of each class in the Arena. If the number was 100%, it was Blizzard’s target as far as participation goes.

And those numbers were representational of Hunters. Currently Hunters, according to Blizzard’s own numbers, are the least represented class as a whole in all brackets of the Arena.

Here’s the numbers:

Class 2v2 3v3 5v5

Druid 276.0% 184.0% 80.5%
Hunter 43.0% 50.2% 43.0%
Mage 8.7% 96.0% 96.0%
Paladin 19.7% 29.5% 147.4%
Priest 113.3% 164.8% 185.4%
Shaman 37.8% 50.4% 138.6%
Rogue 144.2% 175.1% 61.8%
Warlock 149.2% 93.2% 111.9%
Warrior 130.4% 90.7% 79.3%


Class 2v2 3v3 5v5

Druid 184.0% 138.0% 92.0%
Hunter 50.2% 50.2% 50.2%
Mage 61.1% 87.3% 87.3%
Paladin 68.8% 88.4% 137.6%
Priest 133.9% 133.9% 154.5%
Shaman 75.6% 88.2% 138.6%
Rogue 154.5% 154.5% 82.4%
Warlock 121.2% 102.5% 102.5%
Warrior 90.7% 85.0% 85.0%

Megatf, the highest rated Arena Hunter, actually according to SK Gaming, the highest rated Arena player in the world made a post over the weekend while he was drunk about how unhappy he is with the Hunter class and the problems that are plaguing Hunters.

Well, it got deleted. And then subsequent threads got deleted. Then they banned him and deleted every post he made, including the most useful sticky guides the Hunter forums had. And I guess they thought no one would notice.

Well people did. And as I write this, the Hunter forums are figuratively being burned to the ground. While most people know that the spamming was destined to get a ban of some kind. Blizzard took it a step further with the thread deletion, but Hunter’s know what the problem is. And banning Megatf isn’t going to change it. I won’t bother trying to explain all the fundamental problems that need to be fixed about the Hunter class. But if you think the Hunter class is ‘fine’, then you obviously do not play a Hunter.

Check this out too. Apparently Blizzard bans by IP address too. Good times.

OK, moving on to happy things. :D We went to Zul’Aman last night. And our PUG one-shot both Nalorakk and Akil’zon. We missed the timed event with Nalorakk by 20 seconds. Curse our DPS! Myself, the other Hunter, and our Mage did great, as we were all within 3% of each other’s damage. Our Warlock and Rogue were leaving something to be desired. And still no bear shoulders. I hate that guy.

Our Paladin, Moirainne, has recently been trying to “forge” an Alliance with another guild on our server to try and line-up some regular Gruul’s runs. Being the forum troll that I am at times, my first gut reaction was to Armory their Hunters.

All gemmed for Attack Power. I wanted to kill a puppy. I was assured they were all nice people, which I have no reason to question, but learned later that their Druid main tank was telling all the Hunters how to gem their gear. We ran a heroic with him that night and he foolishly challenged me to a DPS contest. Muahahaha! > >

So we’ll see how it shapes up. He seemed nice enough.

Time for more work.
43.0% 50.2% 43.0%

EDIT: Phew, they are deleting those threads fast!
EDIT2: It only took Drysc 4 or 5 hours to pop his head in there.

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