Top 9 WoW Videos

So I thought it was time to make a more light-hearted post. So I picked nine videos about World of Warcraft that I thought were the most important/popular/funniest I have seen over the years.

9. The Beer Song (By Weird Al)
I picked this video because the song was already popular when it was performed by Weird Al, and then adding the in-game footage managed to rack up almost 2.4 million views on YouTube.

8. Illegal Danish – Super Snacks
Illegal Danish was wildly popular because the video actually had a developed story and was funny to a lot of people. On YouTube it has been viewed over 1 million times, although it’s sequel which came out recently was met with a lackluster response.

7. The Internet is for Porn (From the award winning musical Avenue Q)
Avenue Q is a Broadway musical that has won Tony awards it is so good. It is an adult spin on Sesame Street. One of the songs from the show is entitled “The Internet is for Porn.” And someone did a masterful job of attaching the song to in-game footage.

6. Apple Spoof – Paladin Reroller (Frostshock)
Chances are that at sometime through your adventures in World of Warcraft you have heard someone yell “FROSTSHOCK!” Well, chances are, they were “inspired” by this clever video, a great parody of the Apple Switcher commercials.

5. The Warcraft Dance Videos
I was torn between selecting a compilation video of all the Wow dances, and the Guild Wars versus WoW dance-off. But since the ability to embed the Guild Wars versus WoW video was disabled, the WoW compilation gets the spot on my list. Although you can still view the other one here.

4. The Paladin Reck-Bomb – Soloing Kazzak
This is the first nerf video on the list. Paladins were able to build “charges” after they were victims of a critical strike. They could then unleash those charges in the form of one attack for every charge saved up. What happens when someone has lots and lots of time, a very patient rogue, and the desire to kill an outdoor raid boss? You get this video.

3. Serenity Now bombs an in-game funeral
The infamous Serenity Now video, still prompting forum threads and debate to this day. Some day you will be having a discussion with someone and you will mention that you play WoW, and that internet savvy individual might say something like “Oh, I saw this video where these people attacked a funeral. Did you see that one?” That’s how this video rolls.
(*Warning* The music selection has some vulgar language)

2. Indalamar – The Warrior Killrate Video
Here is the second nerf video on the list. This video was made back in beta, when a player named “Indalamar” made a video showcasing how fast Warriors could kill things with the current talents. The video was so devastating that Blizzard actually nerfed Warriors within 24 hours. And the player behind Indalamar supposedly got a job at Blizzard working with itemization. There are hints at this in items like Ramaladni’s Icy Grasp. He also got his own card in the World of Warcraft card game.

1. Leeroy Jenkins
Were you surprised? This wasn’t my personal favorite of all the videos on the list, but it’s overwhelmingly the most popular. To this day, people will yell or type out “Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeroy Jeeeeeeeeenkins” in random instances. It was funny when it came out. Even if it was staged. He got his own card in the WoW card game too.

Honorable Mentions:
The Mr. T WoW Commercial
The William Shatner WoW Commercial
The Onyxia Wipe (More DoTs, throw more DoTs! *Lots of profanity*)
Additions: Pike reminded me of these videos too. I forgot all about them.
The World of Warcraft that you play
Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story

If I forgot any or think they should be in a different order, please leave a comment and share your opinions!

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