The Sorcer . . . err . . Alchemist’s Stone

I have been pretty sad with the lack of shiny new toys for us Alchemists. Sure, I love my Mad Alchemist’s Potions, but sometimes I get jealous of engineers with their cool goggles and helicopters. And leatherworkers are like “loldrums” all the time. And making my own potions is no shortage of awesomeness for saving money.

I have been hesitant to drop the coin on making a Alchemist’s Stone since it doesn’t give me quite what I was looking for in a trinket. Sure, 40% more health and mana is nothing to scoff at, but with things like Bloodlust Brooch and eventually a Dragonspine Trophy, I wasn’t really finding room to use this thing.

Until I was perusing a few sites last night and came across this most excellent post on World of Raids. Apparently they are adding new Alchemist Stones in 2.4.

I find them very awesome indeed. Doing a little searching on Wowhead lead me to discover that you need Nether Vortexes, which can be bought with Badges in the patch, as well as having an existing Alchemist’s Stone, and 16 Primal Shadow.

So last night I started transmuting my Primal Mights so that I have this thing ready for when the patch hits and I manage to find where the person/drop is that allows me learn this.

Warbull and I found a Zul’Aman group last night that was clearing to the second boss. I heard the group was pretty terrible but we went anyways so Warbull could at least see one of the boss fights. We finally cleared to Akil’zon and I actually thought we were going to kill him, but without fail, a healer would forget to run in to the tank during an Electrical Storm when the boss was at 50%. Every time.

Well, then the “Gauntlet” respawned and Warbull and I called it a night. It has now reset and we plan on doing the first Hello Kitty run tonight. With a few PUGs. We hope. :)

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