Prince Malchezaar for Dummies

Warbull actually asked me to make a “Gruul for Dummies” video, but since I haven’t done Gruul yet this week, I decided to make a video with the same idea for Prince Malchezaar. I know Prince isn’t exactly cutting edge content, I figured there were a lot of new Hunters and ranged DPS that might be not familiar with the fight and would interested in going in with an understanding on what to do.

First, let’s cover Prince Malchezaar’s abilities.

  • Infernal: Approximately every 45 seconds, Prince will call down an Infernal at a random location on his terrace. They last for 3 minutes, and will remain stationary as they cast Hellfire (Thank goodness Prince doesn’t have smart Infernals). In stage 3 of the fight, these Infernals are called down much more quickly.
  • Enfeeble: Prince will randomly choose 5 people in the raid, excluding the highest threat and reduce their health to 1 for 8 seconds. After those 8 seconds, your HP will return to their previous amount. When he casts Enfeeble, all those individuals affected by it need to move at least 30 yards away from Prince. Because if you don’t…
  • Shadow Nova: will kill you. It causes 3000 Shadow damage and has a small knockback. Note for Hunters: Your pets will not be targetted by Enfeeble, and if you trained both ranks of Avoidance, you can leave your pet attacking Prince for the majority of the fight.
  • Thrash: This is basically Windfury, but Prince has to activate it and has an internal cooldown.
  • Shadow Word Pain: This generally targets the main tank. It cannot be dispelled and ticks for roughly 1500 damage.

During phase 2 of the fight, Prince will Cleave and Sunder the tank. At this point he switches to using two 1-handed axes and attacks much faster. It is advised to get through this phase quickly as most tanks can die very fast.

During phase 3 he switches back to a 2-handed weapon. However, his weapons from phase 2 randomly fly around the raid and beat on people (You will see this in the second half of the video). Also, Infernals come down at a much faster rate.

As a Hunter, healer, or ranged DPS Enfeeble should mean very little to you. You should always be able to out-range the Shadow Nova. In addition, Trolls who use their Berserking while Enfeebled will get the maximum benefit from the effect.

So without further adieu, here is the YouTube video:

And as always, you can watch a higher quality version on here, on Stage 6.

It wasn’t a textbook kill, as we had many dead because of various reasons. But then again, there is more to be learned from a dirty kill than a clean one. :)

Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and questions as always!

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