It’s Wednesday. So it’s like WoW Tuesday.

For some reason I equate Tuesday with the beginning of the Warcraft week. Since servers reset, fresh raid instances, and Arena rolls over, it’s like Monday. Only it’s not.

We ran our weekly Karazhan last night and killed everything. 22 shiny Badges to add to my bank, bringing the total up to 128. Warbull got some tanking boots, and our PuG rogue made out like a bandit. Worgen Claw Necklace, Skulker’s Greaves, and some other stuff. Including a Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle. Go figure. :)

So far today has been fairly uninteresting in terms of WoW-happenings. MMO-Champion has an updated loot list from Magister’s Terrace. Check it out here.

After doing some quick calculations, I think I am going to need 310 Heroic Badges to get the loot that I want in 2.4 :O That will go down by 60 Badges if I can get one of the rings I mentioned in my previous post.

Tonight I am going to try and find a Gruul’s PUG for myself and Warbull and pray that I can manage to pick-up a Dragonspine Trophy one of these days.

Ok, back to work . . .

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