How to Survive.

I decided to try Survival this evening while playing in some Battlegrounds. The spec is interesting to say the least. According to TopScoreFu, I broke a couple of my own critical strike records, I would imagine due to Expose Weakness. Sometimes I felt like the spec really helped me take control of fights, other times I really wish I had Silencing Shot. Going from a 30 second Caster-CC (kind of) to a 2 minute Anything-CC was hard to get used to.

The actual spec I decided to try out was this. It seems kind of janky, but seemed fairly strong. Most people suggest going 21/31 and then distributing the last 9 points in whatever talents you like. Since no Hunter (except for those crazy BM folks) live without Scatter Shot.

At certain periods throughout the Battlegrounds, things went great. I purposely would pick fights with 2 people to see how I could handle it. Sleeping a Warlock and killing a Mage and then handling the Warlock felt great, knowing the Warlock just had to sit there and watch the Mage die. Counterattack was used a couple times throughout the evening, but I never remembered to use Deterrence. If it wasn’t attached to Counterattack, I probably would not have taken it.

I like Resourcefulness, as my traps only have a 24 second cooldown, and Freezing Trap costs a whopping 40 mana, while Frost trap costs 24 mana! Rough indeed.

I do lose the large bonus damage from Multi-Shot, but I do sit at 35.58% unbuffed critical strike rating. And that is still wearing a PvE helm, and Season 1 Gloves and Shoulders. Having Surefooted will be nice for PvE, as I can use Legacy instead of my Vengeful Gladiator’s Waraxe since my hit rating is covered by that extra 3%. In fact, I can even swap out some other hit gear if I wanted for something else with more raw stats.

If I was speccing for pure PvE Survival, I would drop 3 points in Improved Stings in favor of Thrill of the Hunt.

The real test will be in the Arena. I am very hesitant in trying it, as I have become familiar and comfortable with Marksmanship and I am still trying to make the ratings climb. I would hate to butcher our ratings because I tried an untested and refined spec. I guess we shall see. I am interested in trying this spec in a raid, such as Gruul’s, ZA, or Karazhan.

Oh, and I have seen the rumors about the legendary bow. I will probably make a post on that later. It’s late. I am going to sleep now. :)

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