Hello Kitty, Buh-Bye Bear

We managed to put our Zul’Aman run together last night. It look a little longer than expected, as one of our healers wasn’t online so we had to find another PUG. Usually finding PUGs isn’t too difficult, but as I advertised our group, I made it very clear that while most of us had done ZA, we were teaching some people the fights and if they were looking for a full clear, our group was not it.

Well, eventually we filled up with people that were OK with that idea, including a couple who also were interested in learning the fights. And we were able to get underway. The clear went smooth enough until we reached the group 4 of right before Nalorakk. Someone who wasn’t a tank walked too far forward and caused unnecessary deaths. Well, we cleared that last group and moved on to the boss fight. We had Warbull tanking Nalorakk in Troll form and Itankinzerk tanking him in bear form. Everything was going to smooth until around 50%, at which point Warbull took a full Brutal Swipe (Cleave).

At first we thought it was a fluke, but after it happened a couple more times, we were getting concerned. Then we found a nice tidbit of information that due to the Tauren hitbox size, it will sometimes cause a Tauren tank to take the full damage from Brutal Swipe. Well, by this point, we had to re-clear the trash and gave Warbull some delicious Savory Deviate Delight and we were in business. After that, the fight went smooth and we got our kill.

The Priest we picked up, Exquicyst, is the proud owner of Robes of Heavenly Purpose. SCREW YOU NALORAKK! YOU HEAR ME!?

Phew, sorry. Still no bear shoulders. Our Shaman was under-geared, sitting barely under 1500 bonus healing, but he played great and seemed like a good player. Zanji, the Rogue who wanted to come, was sitting in SSC gear and was a great asset since he did great DPS. Warbull and Itankinzerk could still use some more tanking gear, but they did great and had what I feel was enough HP and gear to handle Nalorakk. We probably could have killed Eagle, as it is less tank intensive, but called it a night on a good note. Hopefully we will pick this up Sunday or Monday night.

So it took a couple hours to get a single Badge and for the Priest to get some Robes. But for a lot of our guys, it was the first time they had been in ZA, so in my opinion it was a pretty successful night. I forgot to screenshot out kill, but here is us clearing trash with my new UI while in combat and in a raid:

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