Greedy Hunters, more about Survival and Rotations, and your Character’s Song

Is it just me, or are Hunter’s greedy? Not all of us. Just a few. And I am not even talking about loot specifically. I was looking for a Karazhan group the other day, and I saw a lot of groups in the LFG who could use my new found Survival skills. I would whisper the raid leader “Hey, if you need another ranged DPS, I am a Survival Hunter with 700 unbuffed Agility, hit-capped, with 2k AP and 32% crit. I have all the gear I want, I just need badges.”

“We already have a Hunter.”

I know that! You can, you know, bring two. Having 2 Hunters doesn’t stop one from doing DPS. How often do you see groups with 2 Rogues? 2 Mages? 2 Warlocks? I’ll even lump Fury Warriors who don’t tank in with Rogues, as well as Enhancement Shaman. This is especially annoying since I do bring raid utility to the group. Expose Weakness is almost 200 extra Attack Power for all physical damage in the raid. And considering the Hunter this group had was going to Karazhan for the first time, you think he would have been overjoyed to bring another Hunter who didn’t want a dang thing. Oh well. I found another group who tore through Karazhan and I got my badges.

So reading up on the forums and other various sites, a lot of people have been talking about using a double Steady Shot rotation. Something like Steady Shot>Steady Shot>Auto Shot>Steady Shot>Steady Shot>Auto Shot. The word on the street is that Auto Shot isn’t being delayed by your other shots, so the theory is that you would mash Steady Shot, and Auto Shot would weave itself in between your other shots as soon as it gets an opportunity. The macro linked was this:
#showtooltip Steady Shot
/cast !Auto Shot
/cast [Target=pettarget, exists] Kill Command
/cast Steady Shot

I haven’t tested this yet, but I plan on it as soon as I get home this afternoon to see what kind of DPS it yields. In fact this might be a good opportunity for me to sit down and have a nice long chat with Dr. Boom so he can tell me what is yielding the highest DPS. Manually weaving, the macro posted above, or the Marksmanship macro I posted a couple weeks ago.

Skeptical asked for a guide regarding how to play a Survival Hunter in a PvE setting. So far, my best advice I can give for playing a Survival Hunter in PvE is to pretend you are a Marksmanship Hunter again. Your shot rotation (unless my upcoming tests prove otherwise) is exactly the same. I am using a Steady>Auto>Steady>Arcane>Auto shot rotation at the moment and it has been working great. My mana efficiency has still been an issue, but it was with Marksmanship too. If I was speccing for pure PvE I would definitely have Thrill of the Hunt to offset the mana cost. But as it stands, I make liberal use of Fel Mana Potions, Mad Alchemist’s Potion, and PvP Mana Potions to help out during long fights. If I don’t have a Shadow Priest nearby (I love you Shadow Priests!).

One of the beauties of Survival in PvE is your CC becomes more reliable as well. My spec allows my traps to last longer than their cooldown. Chain-trapping the Arms Warrior during Moroes went from a fun dance that involved me running across the room to give myself enough time for traps to cooldown and arm themselves to trap, pewpew, turn, trap, pewpew, on and on and on. :) Wyvern Sting is pretty useless in Karazhan, but it’s utility otherwise is awesome. The important thing to remember is that if you plan on trapping the target that you used Wyvern Sting on is that you must hit them with Scorpid Sting before they hit your trap or else it will break due to the DoT.

Oh, and what is your character’s song? Most people have a song or two that they identify with their character for some reason. Whether it was a song you heard a lot while leveling or something you like during PvP. So what is that one song you relate to your character? Mine is Alice in Chains: Rooster. You can listen to it here.

I removed the embedded player since it was generating Flash Player errors for me when I navigated away from the page and I didn’t know if others experienced the same problem.

I think the reason I like this one for my Hunter is to me, the Hunter just feels methodical. I had the the run-of-the-mill rock song for my Warrior (Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name of). But listening to this, although it is very definitely rock, has a different feel to it and it conjures images of me and Khagan walking through Zangarmarsh or something and individuals attempting to kill me. And failing. Oh, the inner workings of my head. :)

So tell me what your song is for your character. Whether it is what you listen to when farming, PvPing, raiding, or whatever.

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