Good Riddance and Welfare Epics

I received an e-mail yesterday from the folks at Good Riddance, and they decided to give me a shot in their guild. I think they are planning to run Gruul’s and Magtheridon tonight, so we shall see if they need me. I look forward to organized raid times again.

I got my Karazhan in early, just like I like to do. We skipped Netherspite, which is fine with me, but killed everybody else, including Nightbane. Which means I got my Pulsing Amethyst from killing him. One less quest in my log.

I have 1323 Arena points now, so I am aiming for the Season 3 helm next week. In order to get the 552 points I need we will need to raise our 2v2 team to 1778 or our 3v3 team to 1714. Both completely doable. If I have my way, we will get our 2s to past 1800. But of course, some other teams might feel different about it. :)

Which brings my to my final point for this post. I think I have mentioned it before, but I thought I should mention it again. I am tired of reading about hardcore PvE folks who rag on gear obtained from PvP. And in one of the threads on the General forums last night, a great point was made by one poster, but unfortunately his logic was passed by most of the community. Go figure.

Anyone opposed to PvP gear constantly posts that no one should obtain gear from losing. The big difference is that in Player versus Player, the loser is another player. And 50% of all players must lose. Always. When you go into an Arena, half of the players will leave with a drop in their rating. In a PvE setting, eventually everyone wins. The PvE boss is not on the other side of the screen on Vent, telling his adds they are terrible because they didn’t CC properly or what not.

And no matter what happens in Arena, 50% will lose. If there was no reward for participating, no one would go to the Arena unless they knew they could win. The people who know they couldn’t win would stop playing. And then 50% of those remaining people would still lose. And while the true anti-PvPer would say this is a good thing, that is one reason they don’t work at Blizzard making this game. The lack of the big picture. Blizzard doesn’t have 10 million subscribers because they isolated their customers. They already knew this. So there has to be an incentive to continue participating. And this is by allowing others to still get Arena points even if they lose.

You know what the other difference between PvP and PvE is? The difficulty technically is reversed. As you learn an encounter, it gets easier. As you become a better raid group, it gets easier. Sure, the next boss is harder, but then that cycle repeats. As you become a better Arena team it gets harder. And even as a high-ranked Arena team, someone has to lose.

Now I am not anti-PvE. Quite opposite actually. I did join Good Riddance because I missed raiding. But it’s never (that I have seen) the PvP player complaining about PvE content. It is always the elitist PvE player who feels they need the ability to be superior to someone.

Ok, enough ranting. So if you are reading this and are one of those people, stop worrying about what others do. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, rethink your reasons for doing it. Shake off the archaic ideas that killing bosses is the only way to get loot. And PvPers, stop thinking that killing a raid boss doesn’t take coordination. Enjoy playing the game, however you choose to play it.

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