Agility, Raids, and Guilds (Oh my)

Yesterday was a fairly productive WoW evening. I found a group to run Gruul’s Lair with, composed mostly of folks from Ruthless Aggression. High King Maulgar and Gruul both went down easy. And despite some shenanigans regarding loot of High King, we decided to take the whole group and head over to Magtheridon’s Lair.

I then found out it was their guild’s first attempts at Magtheridon, so it was . . fun to listen to the explanation of the fight again. Well, we didn’t kill him obviously. In fact, it took over a minute to kill the first Channeler. And if you have done Magtheridon, you know that just won’t cut it. Oh well.

I did get this nice screenshot of myself kinda raid buffed:

I was decently happy with the numbers I am getting, agility-wise. I still want to pick up the Pauldrons of Primal Fury of Nalorakk but he has been reluctant to drop them. They would give me 20 more Agility after I socket them, which is a great jump, bringing me to 729 unbuffed Agility, translating to 182 Attack Power, raid/group-wide when I crit. I am currently logged on in my PvE gear if you want to check out my lack-luster stats.

I am logged out in that gear because I am actually looking for a new guild. Not because I don’t like all the folks in Hello Kitty Online World, and I know the fear it strikes into the hearts of my enemies. But I’ve been kind of bored lately during the week with nothing to do. We do Arena (2v2 is at 1701 and 3v3 is at 1714! Yay!) but I have plenty of time during the week to do stuff. So I try to find Karazhan groups, Gruul, Zul’Aman, etc. Well, myself and a few Hello Kitty folks were talking in Vent during heroic Mech and most of them could totally see where I was coming from. In fact, I don’t think I am the only one thinking about it. Most of the guildies have up and quit lately, leaving like 7 of us logging on even remotely frequently. Myself, Warbull, Xcebin, Vinculum, Itankinzerk, Mellisande, and Nemosyne. That’s it.

So I applied to a guild called Good Riddance last night while trouncing Mell and Warbull in DPS in Mech. :) I’ve seen a lot of guild advertisement and Good Riddance seemed like a good fit. They have progressed enough where I am not going to be sitting with a guild still working on Prince. They are progressing their way through Serpentshrine Cavern, have downed Zul’jin, and seem like a friendly group of people. I have no qualms going through content again as long as its with a good group of folks. And their motto on their homepage reminds me of Ravencrest Watch of old. Long before the mergers and absorptions that slowly became Necessary Evil (Not that I don’t love you NE guys! <3) In my app I said I didn't expect to raid every day, but would love to be in a position to fill holes when needed. But who knows. It's up for their discussion. If this falls through, I will probably just stick it out with Hello Kitty and keep to PuGing.

Ok, let’s wrap this post up. I am trying to grab some decent Fraps footage of some Battleground PvP, specifically of my fighting 2 or more people and living. Preferably winning. I want to throw together a short 3-4 minute PvP video using Alice in Chains: Rooster as the background music to coincide with my earlier post about what song do you think represents your character. If you haven’t shared your song, make sure to leave a comment and let us know.

I also updated my Hunter Macros. Check it out if you are looking for some helpful, general-use macros.

Annnnnd, I’m out.

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