A Change of Focus

After a nice discussion with some Hello Kitty folks last night, some us changed what our current focus in the game is going to be. And thus, we adapted to support our new found goals. Which is, in a sense, more PvE oriented than it was before. After Monday night, Arena kind of has me down. I would really like to shoot for 1850/2000 rating, but that is not going to happen only playing 10 games a week. I know Vinculum and Xcebin are busy so it’s completely understandable. So rather than pimp myself out in an attempt to find a 350 Resilience Restoration Druid who just so happens NOT to have a 2v2 team, we are going to see what we can do about running our own Karazhan once a week, try to get more of us into Gruul’s and perhaps start hitting up ZA.

I am running out of loot to get in Karazhan, hence the reason I have been actively searching for Zul’Aman groups lately, as well as my brief stint in Good Riddance in attempts to find a raiding guild that fits my schedule. Itankinzerk is able to tank Prince and Nightbane successfully, so his gear is almost to the point he can handle Nalorakk, but unfortunately Warbull is not. But almost. So in a whirlwind of madness, all of us specced for pure PvE. Warbull is Protection. Our Warlocks are dropping SL/SL and going for Destruction.

And I went full Survival. 41 points of it. Just the other day I said if I was to spec for pure PvE, it would be Survival. And I did. Now I just need to stop hitting ‘T’ instinctively for Scatter Shot when trapping now. Since it’s Readiness. Yeah, I did that more than a couple times in Mechanar last night. :)

So I need layout a list of things I am aiming for, gear-wise to maximize my effectiveness as Survival and as PvE DPS. So here we go:

  • Pauldrons of Primal Fury
  • No secret that I want these shoulders. :) Tons better than Beastmaw Pauldrons with a big boost in my raw agility.

  • Trollbane
  • This comes from the timed event inside Zul’Aman and be obtained from either the Bear prisoner or the Eagle prisoner if you make it in the right amount of time. It is a nice agility increase, as well as more Attack Power over Legacy.

  • Cloak of Fiends
  • A straight PvE cloak with PvE stats. Plus agility, which Dory’s Embrace is lacking. Comes from the same place Trollbane does.

  • Arrow-fall Chestguard
  • This is an upgrade similar to the Cloak of Fiends. It is a PvE item with PvE stats. According to Cheeky’s Spreadsheet it will yield about 7.2 DPS over my Season 3 Breastplate.

  • Venegful Gladiator’s Chain Helm
  • While it is a PvP item, it’s stats are so high that it yields the largest DPS increase for me, even in PvE situations. So one more week of Arena to get this bad boy. Then I get an eyeball on my head.

  • Signet of Primal Wrath
  • This also comes from the timed event in Zul’Aman, by defeating the Jan’alai before he kills his prisoner. Meeting this timed event is going to prove a challenge. Alternatively I could shoot for some more Magtheridon kills and try to get a Ring of the Recalcitrant. Either one is a huge upgrade over the Master Assassin’s Ring due to its raw agility. And if neither one of those work, the DPS Ring that comes from Badges in 2.4 has 29 agility on it as well.

  • *2.4*Leggings of the Pursuit
  • These pants are Badge loot coming in 2.4 which will definitely be one of my first items I pick up.

There are also a number of side-grades I could pick up along the way as well. Bladeangel’s Money Belt is a small upgrade over my Girdle of Treachery. Berserker’s Call off of Zul’jin is an upgrade over Bloodlust Brooch but everyone and their dog wants it. Just like the Dragonspine Trophy.

So I tweaked my UI yet again, since I cannot leave well enough alone. And I thought my crit rate fairly impressive in the screenshot. Really, it was only at 34% with my current gear set-up, but Master Tactician was up, so the number skyrocketed.

According to Cheeky’s Spreadsheet, if I am able to obtain a few of those upgrades, my unbuffed crit rate should hit 38% with with almost 2800 Ranged Attack Power. Very hawt indeed. Averaging out my critical strike chance and the amount of raw agility I would have, I would bring 220 Attack Power to all the physical DPS in the raid. Eat your heart out Trueshot Aura. :)

So tonight we run Karazhan as we all continue stockpiling our Badges. I currently have 107 with at least a few more weeks to go before 2.4 hits. A lot of these upgrades might change by then. For example, the Tunic of the Ranger Lord off of Kael’thas in heroic Magister’s Terrace is better than Arrow-fall Chestguard in my opinion, so I would rather save my Badges for something else and pick up that chest piece.

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