3v3 Arena with a Warrior, Hunter, Druid

I found an interesting post on Out of Mana It is discussing their strategy on how they handle the Warrior/Druid/Hunter combo. And guess what? That just so happens to be the set-up we are using when I play with Vinculum and Xcebin. So I thought I would write down some of my thoughts about this make-up. Specifically from the Hunter stand-point.

Another Hunter on our 3s team has decided he is refusing to spec for 2s and 3s. And what is that spec you might ask? Well, it’s this one of course. There is no question about it. Why is that? Well, for a lot of reasons. Number one, 10% more health to your pets. Number two, being able to resurrect your pet in 4 seconds. Number three, Bestial Swiftness will allow even your Scorpid to keep up with a Druid who is trying to get out of combat. These talents are crucial in a small group setting such as 2v2 and 3v3.

OutOfMana brought forth the idea of killing the pet first. Which is a popular strategy. This can be very good and very bad, depending on how your team adapts. As soon as you realize your pet is being targeted, let your Druid (or other healer) know. Cast Mend Pet and pull them out. Never send your pet around a pillar if the team is still there. That is just asking your pet to be killed. If your pet survives, or even lasts for a little while, there is quite a bit of damage that has not been applied to any of your teammates. And once again, a quick trip around a pillar and 4 seconds later and bam! You have a living, breathing, stinging Scorpid.

So how should you spec your pet for Arenas? You will find most high-rated Hunters spec their Scorpids like this:

  • 5/5 Scorpid Poison
  • 5/5 Shadow Resistance
  • 5/5 Nature Resistance
  • 3/5 Frost Resistance
  • 4/11 Greater Stamina
  • 2/2 Avoidance
  • 1/1 Cobra Reflexes

After all, the point of your Scorpid is to keep Scorpid Poison on the healer and to stay alive. Full Shadow Resist is huge when mitigating the damage from Shadow Priests and Warlocks. Full Nature Resist makes it very hard for them to be slept or rooted. Coupled with Avoidance, some points in Frost Resistance and Stamina, you will have yourself a Scorpid very adapt at surviving. Just like their real-world counterparts!
Ain’t they cute!

Also, remember to keep your pet on passive. Don’t have him (or her) go anywhere unless you tell them to. You don’t want to have them drag your pet anywhere you don’t want it to.

Traps are now a tricky subject. I find them to be very circumstantial and require you to make a judgment call during the fight, rather than adhering to a predetermined trap for the whole fight. If I find myself chasing someone to prevent them from getting to another person or trying to heal, sometimes a Freezing Trap is more appropriate than a Frost Trap. If I get a Warrior stuck behind a pillar for 10 seconds, that is huge during a match.

A lot of times, after the team has given up on my pet, I become the next target. That is why you see so many Hunters with +15 Resilience on their Chestplates, +12 Stamina on Bracers, etc. Just remember to open a gap whenever possible. If that rogue was put in a Cyclone, open a gap. Don’t stand there and let him start beating on you again in 6 seconds.

So just remember to communicate with your team, and play to your strengths.

As always, feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, suggestions, or corrections!

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