Patch 2.3.2

So last night it took me about 10 minutes to farm up the Recipe: Fel Mana Potion. So that’s good for me when it comes time to do fights like Prince or Gruul, I shall not run out of mana quite so fast.

Patch 2.3.2 has come today, and with a few changes. So let’s touch on a few highlights that I care about:

  • Reduced network latency by disabling the Nagle algorithm.

This is a great change. While the intentions of implementing this algorithm were good, it’s actual effect was bad. The idea behind the algorithm is to reduce the number of packets that are sent across a network, in an effort to reduce latency. But for whatever reason, actually made lag worse. While it was possible to disable it yourself by editing your registry, it will be removed after you patch today.

  • Aspect of the Viper effect increased.

While this seems like a buff, it’s actually just a band-aid to cover a gaping chest wound that Blizzard caused. Hunters have horrible mana efficiency. It’s just the way it is. Due to tiny mana pools in comparison to caster classes, Hunters will run out of mana on a long fight. So Hunters were able to Feign Death and drink during boss fights in order to be able to continue fighting. Obviously it’s causing them to lose DPS, but then again, if you are out of mana and just auto-shotting, what DPS are you really doing?

In addition, a Hunter could then feed his pet to regain its happiness in case it dropped a level during the fight, or happened to die and was rezzed. This is also no longer possible.

The change to Aspect of the Viper is only increasing it’s effectiveness by 5% Hardly solving Hunter’s mana issues. Hence the reason I had to farm the recipe for Fel Mana Potions.

  • Freezing Trap is no longer limited to one target at a time.

This is not a buff. This is Blizzard reverting a change in 2.3 back to its former functionality. Hunters were always able to do this until 2.3 hit.

  • Pet leveling speed has been increased.


  • Ice Block (Frost) is now available on the trainer to all mages at level 30.

Bleh, whatever. While I may not play a mage, it seemed to me that the reason you would spec into Frost was to add survivability to yourself. But Blizzard didn’t agree and now all mages regardless of spec can hit Ice Block after I shoot them in the face. We shall see how this effects PvP and Arenas later I guess.

The complete list of patch notes can be found here at the moment. But Blizzard will probably be moving them here some time today.

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