So, macros. They can be incredibly handy. Before I post anything I would direct you to Cogwheel’s Complete Macro Guide.
Secondly, I would then direct you to WoWWiki’s Macro Section as well as their class-specific macro sections. Third, take a look at Arena Junkies as they also have class-specific macros.

UPDATED: November 14, 2008

These are the macros that I am currently using for my Hunter:

Left-click to cast Aspect of the Hawk, right-click to cast Aspect of the Viper, shift-click to cast Aspect of the Monkey.
#showtooltip Aspect of the Hawk
/castsequence [button:2] Aspect of the Monkey; [modifier:shift] Aspect of the Viper; Aspect of the Hawk

Automatic Tracking Macro – Alternatively you can stick the tracking portion into a separate macro and use the /click ability to call it, so you can keep things like trinkets in your shot rotation macro.
#showtooltip Steady Shot
/stopmacro [noexists]
/run for i=1,GetNumTrackingTypes() do local n, t, a, c = GetTrackingInfo(i); if string.find(n, UnitCreatureType(“target”)) then if t~=GetTrackingTexture(i) then SetTracking(i); end end end
/cast Steady Shot

This allows me to left-click to turn on Aspect of the Cheetah and right-click to turn on Aspect of the Pack.
#show Aspect of the Cheetah
/cast [button:1] Aspect of the Cheetah; [button:2] Aspect of the Pack

This casts a flying mount if the zone I am in allows flying mounts, otherwise uses my normal ground mount, and if I am mounted, it dismounts.
#showtooltip Swift Red Windrider
/use [outdoors,nomounted,flyable] Swift Red Windrider
/use [outdoors,nomounted,noflyable] Whistle of the Black War Raptor
/dismount [mounted]

This is a second mount macro to randomly choose one of your mounts. In the curly bracket simply list which post your flying mounts are in. Numbered 1-12 going from top left to top right and then moving to the second row, and then the second page, continuing with number 13. The curly brackets following “else” are your ground mounts you would like as a choice for it to randomly select.
#showtooltip Swift Red Wind Rider
/run if IsMounted() then Dismount() return end local t if IsFlyableArea() then t={7} else t={1,2,5,6,8} end CallCompanion(“MOUNT”,t)
/dismount [mounted]

This casts Misdirection on my target if it is friendly, my focus if it is friendly, otherwise casts Misdirection on my pet.
#showtooltip Misdirection
/cast [target=focus, help] Misdirection; [help] Misdirection; [target=pet, exists] Misdirection

This calls my pet if it is not active, dismisses my pet if I hold down Ctrl, casts Revive Pet if I hold down Alt, otherwise casts Mend Pet but only allows me to cast Mend Pet once every 15 seconds, so I don’t accidentally cast it again while my pet is still under the Mend Pet effect. *Note* I have removed the reset timer, as I found my Mend Pet would get “stuck” frequently enough for it to be a problem.
#show Mend Pet
/castsequence [nopet] Call Pet; [modifier:ctrl] Dismiss Pet; [modifier:alt] Revive Pet;

This shows the icon on the toolbar of whatever trinket I have in my top trinket slot and then uses the trinket in my top trinket slot. This can work for the bottom slot as well by changing the number to 14.
#showtooltip 13
/use 13

This is a simple bandage macro that targets your last enemy target after after you use your bandage. Replace Heavy Netherweave with the new Frostweave Bandages once you learn to make them.
#showtooltip Heavy Netherweave Bandage
/use [help,nomodifier:alt] Heavy Netherweave Bandage; [target=player] Heavy Netherweave Bandage

This casts Silencing Shot on my focus if it is hostile, otherwise casts it on my target.
#showtooltip Silencing Shot
/cast [target=focus, harm][harm] Silencing Shot

Random Vanity Pet
#showtooltip Vampiric Batling
/run local c = GetNumCompanions(“CRITTER”); CallCompanion(“CRITTER”,random(1,c))

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