It’s Friday.

And I am the only one at work in my office. As we do a lot of contract work for the military, most of the individuals prefer to run on the Air Force Base schedule as well, working four 10-hour days. I can’t get myself up early enough to do that, so I come in on Fridays anyways.

So, I had a visit last night on my Hunter while running heroic Sethekk Halls (which finally got me Exalted with the Violet Eye! Hello Violet Signet of the Master Assassin).

A level 1 Hunter whispered me, named Scilohotep. They mentioned how they liked reading my blog, and subscribed to my posts. It was nice to know that someone actually reads my blog too. I found out that it was none other than Petoholics Anonymous. :) I appreciated the visit!

It was a rough night for PvP. Zubu and I dropped 2 straight Arena games, so we called it for the night. And then after administering a bruising in Warsong Gulch, all the subsequent Battlegrounds were atrocious. Including a loss in Eye of the Storm solely because people refused to play defense on the nodes. One guy kept telling everyone to go get the flag. While we had 3 towers. We lost 2000-1978.

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