Gruuls and Arena.

So we are getting a few responses on the poll about your most hated class to face in Battlegrounds. Way more responses than I was expecting. That’s awesome.

So we only performed mediocre in 5s this week. We went 10-10 and only netted a 10 point gain in our rating.

Zubu and I did great, improving upon our standing, going up to 1659. Some of our accolades include beating a Warrior/Resto Druid team. It was a great note to end the night on.

I picked up my Season 2 ring today, Veteran’s Band of Triumph, which finishes off my honor grind. Unless I decide to pick up some of the cheap PvP gems. And I use the term “cheap” loosely.

I also went and helped a group finish Gruul’s Lair. No Dragonspine Trophy, but I did lose the roll on Tier 4 pants. :( Even after I topped the damage meters. Curse my bad rolls! :)

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