Gear from last night.

So as I set-up Twitter last night, I used to run updates about my progress through Karazhan, just for the sake of trying it out. And it turned out the run was fairly “fruitful” I guess you could say.

When we fought the Curator, I won the roll on Garona’s Signet Ring. It is a great ring, and replaced my ring from the Headless Horseman I got during Halloween.

After the amazingly difficult Chess Event (“It’s Wizard’s Chess Harry!”) I picked up a Girdle of Treachery. The only reason I wanted it was so I could socket it for agility in case I ever want to try Survival.

Finally I got Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix off of Prince Malchezaar. While my Gladiator Crossbow is better for PvP with stamina, resilience, and a ridiculously slow attack speed, Sunfury should provide a DPS increase in PvE encounters since its stat allotment is distributed to weapon damage, agility, and attack power.

We didn’t kill Netherspite or Nightbane, but whatever. I picked up 18 Badges of Justice Which puts my total at 66. So now I need 9 more for . . . something. I really haven’t decided yet.

It’s either going to be Shifting Camouflage Pants or a Battlemaster’s trinket of some sort.

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