Brief comments about Arathi Basin

I made a post a couple days ago regarding pick-up groups in Battlegrounds. So I figured I would cover a couple topics regarding Arathi Basin in specific. Mainly, the 3-2 win. Being completely honest with ourselves, we cannot expect a PUG to 5-cap another PUG unless your team is playing incredibly well. And I mean things like healers are healing, DPS is, well, DPS-ing, etc.

But before you can 4 or 5-cap, you have to take 3 nodes first. And for the Horde, these 3 nodes should be Farm, Lumber Mill, and Blacksmith.

Take a quick look at the picture I have here:

It’s easy to tell why those 3 nodes are the best for the Horde. By having a roaming defense around the area denoted by the orange circle, they have quick access to all 3 of the nodes controlled by the Horde. And like I mentioned in the previous post, a Hunter using Eagle Eye at the Lumber Mill (Or Shaman with Farsight) can easily see all movement of the Alliance forces. The faded white lines are roughly where you can “vision” to. While you technically cannot see the Mine, you can hit the edge of the cliff and view the Mine.

An important note is that when doing this, you should always keep a trap down, and don’t stay in Eagle Eye or Farsight for more than a couple seconds. Alliance can very quickly get to your location while you are scouting out other places. And keep your flare up. And stand on it. Always.

The red circles are the most common trouble areas if you have currently 3-capped the Alliance. The larger red circle could also be called the Alliance’s roaming defense location if they have 3-capped you. It’s very easy for players from the Mine and Stables to meet-up to launch an attack on the Blacksmith. It is also popular for players to attack the Lumber Mill since it is a strategic look out for both teams and can be access very easily. It is also very prone to Priests who are Mind Control happy.

Another problem area I did not mark is Mine -> Farm attacks. Truthfully, this is probably a bigger problem area than Stables -> Lumber Mill since an attack from Stables is easy to spot. Mine attacks are hard to spot until the Alliance have emerged from the valley the Mine is located in. And by that point they are crossing the bridge to the farm. This is why it is important for the roaming defense to not chase Alliance too far away. Killing a straggler or two can be very bad if a group of 8 quickly launches an assault on the Farm from the Mine.

So there ya go. Just remember what I said last time as well: Defense and Communication will win you Battlegrounds!

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