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Over at Blog Azeroth a thread was started called the “Shared Topic.” Siha from Banana Shoulders posed a question for the bloggers there.

Q: What do you enjoy about the class you play the most?

I came from playing my Warrior that I had since day 1. Technically since beta. I have the screenshots to prove it! Aratar is old. I never had any intention to abandon Aratar in favor of another class. I loved the Warrior. And I had a certain attachment to my Warrior. He was a big ball of hurt. And lots and lots of shiny weapons at my disposal to do so.

The hurt started with the Runeblade of Baron Rivendare even before they buffed it. That was followed by Teebu’s Blazing Longsword. And the best of my knowledge, according to Thottbot way back in the day, I had the world first. It dropped during one of the first UBRS runs on Deathwing.

It prompted great screenshots like this:

And then I got my Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.

But this is about my Hunter. Not my Warrior. Sorry. :) The Hunter was a big change when my friends decided it was time to roll Horde for hawt PvP action. But I took to the Hunter. It was not completely dissimilar from my 70 Warlock, and leveling was a breeze.

Soloing elites that were my level was a great change from my Warrior. Even when wearing the best raid gear available it was rough for Aratar to do so.

But PvP in a general sense was a lot like my Warrior, just from 41 yards away. I can drop a Mage incredibly quickly, except now I just don’t have to worry about getting in melee range to do so. The Hunter is a unique class. While people become attached to their characters, Hunters become attached two-fold, as their pets become part of their character too. Blogs dedicated to folks who just want to tame pets because it’s enjoyable. And I can’t say I am any different.

I have my Ghost Wolf and a Scorpid for Arena. But I tamed Humar the Pridelord the moment I was the right level. I always loved the skin Blizzard used for him. And he leveled with me all the way to 70. He goes everywhere with me as long as it is not the Arena (hi2u broken poison mechanics! :) )

The Hunter is a different breed though. I enjoy the class. There is the certain amount of leisure attached to it too. I can pick herbs while my pet holds a mob so it doesn’t get ninja’d. And I must admit, I do love Feign Death.

If someone is looking to roll an alt for whatever reason, be it farming, twinking, or just for fun, the Hunter is a solid choice.

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