Auto Shot, meet Auto Attack. Now play nice!

Well, holy crap. It seems with the implementation of patch 2.3.2 a change has been made for Hunters. And there is no confirmation as of yet whether it is intentional or a bug.

As of now, Auto Shot is functioning like Auto Attack. Until now, Auto Shot did not work like that. If you fired Steady Shot 3 seconds into your 3.6 second weapon attack, you lost that damage from Auto Shot forever.

But as of now, if you essentially ‘clip’ an Auto Shot by using a different attack, you will still fire that Auto Shot, just after you other attack finishes.

Your Hunter is Different now – Here’s Why(the thread was deleted!) was made by Howitzer on the Hunter forums. He is discussing this, as well as citing information from a Hunter on the French forums who was also testing this theory. Also making appearances in the thread are Cheeky of Cheeky’s Spreadsheet fame and many other respected Hunters discussing the change in mechanics. It is definitely worth reading, or at least browsing over it.

People are citing gains in personal DPS by 200 or more on various fights including Dr. Boom, Lurker and others. There are a number of new macros floating around, but the verdict is still out on which one is most effective. So far though, the one Howitzer posted seems to be working great.

The change is so significant that some Marksmanship Hunters are trying the sole Steady Shot macros coupled with Kill Command and seeing damage increases as well.

If you read over the thread you also see some interesting “bugs” about gaining extra shots. But until we get a Blue confirmation on whether these changes are intentional and are just having strange side-effects or it is indeed a bug, happy hunting!

Watch carefully:


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