The Beauty of Welfare Epics and Warsong Gulch

Ahh, welfare epics. The term used to describe the gear people get from PvP rather than “hard-earned” raiding. I know I’ve gotten my fair share of gear from raiding. But anyone who says that getting PvP gear in a timely manner doesn’t take some time commitment is fooling themselves.

But that is another topic. Kind of. Well, maybe not really. To get this gear you have to go to the battlegrounds. Take your pick, get some honor, kill your opponents, get fabulous weapons and armor!!

Ok, in reality this post is about Warsong Gulch. And the fact it doesn’t have a theoretical time limit. Every battleground will end, eventually (especially with the new AV changes). WSG, however, has the potential to go on forever. This thread is just one of many that crops up regarding the turtle-fest that WSG can become.

WSG can be a lot of fun. But at the same time, it can last forever, yield terrible honor, and eventually wear out the fun the match once had. A lot ideas have been thrown out about how to fix it. Some type of time limit, or implementing a resource limit like they did for AV, debuffs on the flag carrier that reduces healing over a certain amount of time.

The list goes on.

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