Some Enchanters are jerks . . .

I see threads pop up all the time from Enchanters who don’t think they should let the group roll on the Large Prismatic Shards they get from bosses in an instance.

Threads like this.

Here is the thing:

If you are an Enchanter and you do not want to voluntarily shard for the group, say so. Or, don’t say your enchanter. When a boss is killed and there is loot no one has an immediate need for the item, you can greed the item just like everyone else.

Getting the Large Prismatic Shard is not equivalent to mining a node or picking an herb in any manner.

If you are in, let’s say, Sethekk Halls and you come across a patch of Ancient Lichen and there is no Herbalist in your group, how much is that herb worth? Nothing. Because it cannot be picked by anyone. It’s floor decoration. The same with a deposit of Adamantite.

Now if the group kills Talon King Ikiss and the Crow Wing Reaper drops without an Enchanter in the group, what is it worth?

That’s right! It still has a value to all players by selling to a vendor. You have no right to claim the item for your profession since without you, it is still useful. In fact, it might be even more useful if you choose not to disenchant it. Now, since you refused to voluntarily shard for the members of your group, they need to buy a shard off the Auction House. And since anyone can tell costs more than a few copper, vendoring that axe will help offset the cost.

If you don’t want to disenchant for your group, so be it. But don’t be expected to be handed the item just because no one needed it. Obviously if the entire group rolls and you win, the shard is yours. I am not suggesting stupid crap like that.

Also, chances are if you are a big enough jerk to refuse to shard unneeded boss loot, chances are the group will try to replace you. To someone who isn’t acting like a prick.

Sorry, but it’s true.

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