Random PUGs and Shout-Outs

Thanks for the nod over at Petaholics Anonymous! Anyone who reads my blog has seen my link over there —->

I stumbled across the site while browsing various Hunter sites and resources. I like the site a lot. Very light-hearted and focuses on important topics like “Why we can only have 3 stable slots for our awesome pets?” :) Thanks again for the nod.

I found this site yesterday in someone’s WoW forum comment: http://www.friendshatingfriends.com/ajp/sgsp/

It’s just a compilation of links to useful Hunter sites, a quick reference list of stats and what they do for Hunters, as well as the ” Unfortunately Frequently Asked Questions.” A great read for new Hunters who wish to escape the stereotype of being a “Huntard.”

So on to today’s post. Battleground PUGs. The problem here is most people do not know how to be an effective PUG player. This can be for so many reasons. One, they are in for themselves. Two, they are actually AFK reading Digg just pretending not to be. Three, they don’t know how to properly contribute to the PUG.

So the people who fall under number one probably are not going to be convinced that they are hurting the team. Two, well, what can ya do if they aren’t there?

Three, however, we can do something about.

The first thing to know when fighting in a PUG battleground is that no one should be above guarding a flag, a tower, or anything else. Someone has to do it if you want to win or get any significant honor.

The second most important thing, now that you are guarding the flag, is to fight near the flag. Far too often I see a group of 5 people slowly get pulled away from the flag chasing down the opposing team. What happens next? A rogue or druid sneakily caps the flag, the other team kills off as many as they can, and ‘BAM’, you have to rez somewhere else. Frustrating to say the least. So remember, if they want to kill you, they have to come back in range too. Keep an eye on that flag, tower, or graveyard and don’t let it get ninja’d from you!

Three, which can make or break a game, is communication. Some of the most solid wins come from great communication. The whole team has to be vocal about identifying the opposing teams movement. Telling everyone you died and the Mine is getting capped doesn’t do much to help your team.

As a Hunter, I prefer to play defense at the Lumber Mill or Blacksmith in Arathi Basin, or the Blood Elf Tower in Eye of the Storm because they provide a great vantage point in which you can watch your opponent’s movements. By using Eagle Eye you can keep tabs on the entire opposing team practically. And that is an incredibly valuable tool.

There are more in-depth strategies we could cover, but I feel these 3 basic concepts will make you that much more effective when you are in a battleground, whether with a PUG or preform. So remember:

1. Guard or play Defense! Never be the one to leave it alone!
2. Fight near the Flag/Graveyard/Tower.
3. Communication!

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