Meet the Pets!

Since pets are one of the defining traits of a Hunter, I thought I would share my 3 pets with everyone. So here we go:

Meet Genghis. He is my Scorpid who travels with me during my PvP endeavors. He is pretty much required for playing in the Arena due to the effectiveness of his Scorpid Poison getting in the way of other classes removing my Viper Sting. Ain’t he cute? /pinchpinch

This is Khagan. I’ve had him since level 23. He is a rare cat that spawns near Ratchet. To this day he is the only cat that uses this skin. And while he is not incredibly unique (A lot of Hunter’s like taming Humar the Pridelord) he is a great looking model and still dear to my Hunter’s heart. :)

He is my solo pet due to his great DPS and a great selection of abilities. He is the pet I take to instances, raids, and battlegrounds.

Ahhh Temüjin. The new Ghostwolf added to Dustwallow Marsh. Truly a gorgeous looking pet. Right now he is only level 62. But I had to have him when I read Blizzard wasn’t going to remove the ability to tame him. Which is quite a process on its own. (*Update* Boy, was that previous statement proven false)

While some people consider wolves lackluster, I find a lot of melee folks love seeing Hunters with wolves in a group. They love Furious Howl. :) I know my Warrior did. :)

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Drotara (or BehemothDan) considers himself a geek on many levels. A web developer and programmer by trade, he has no shortage of geeky hobbies. When not fulfilling husband and daddy duties, he enjoys WoW, the WoW TCG, Magic: The Gathering, and great board games with friends and family.