Malchezaar is a jerk. It’s true. Kil’jaeden told me.

So our guild actually ran an in-house Karazhan. And Prince Malchezaar decided to drop healing crap instead of my bow. What a jerk! But whatever. This weekend is Alterac Valley weekend. Which means Merry Christmas to my honor pool! So I have to seriously consider buying the Gladiator’s Heavy Crossbow to hold me over till I can get the new one. Vengeful Gladiator’s Heavy Crossbow. Hawt indeed.

So Warbull and I tore it up in some Arathi Basin last night. And despite our subpar gear, comparatively speaking, we were top on killing blows until the very end. But can I hear you say “lol kb’s don’t matter.” Well that might be true. But we were also top on damage, and considering the fact we were guarding the Mine the WHOLE time, I think we did alright. Just wait till we get better gear. :) I’ll probably have another post later.

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