Let’s talk about mods . . . .

When I first started playing WoW, I left the UI pretty vanilla. Not many mods, other than some very basic things like CT Mod. Then I got to the point where I ripped it apart and redesigned it using the now defunct Discord.

Now I am kind of back to how I started. I am trying to limit the number of mods that I use in order to free up memory. While I am certainly not running vanilla, I definitely am not as heavily modded as some.

First off, CT Mod. CT Mod is a package of small UI/Interface Improvement mods that has been around for quite a while and is reliably updated. From its package, I use CT-Core (required to use the other mods), Mail, Map, and RaidAssist. The other mdos that come with it are great if you need them. Expense History can be useful, and if you choose to use a Bar mod, CT_BottomBar is probably the simplest mod out there that you can use to hide the default Menu Bar.

Other than CT Mod, I have kept all my other mods based off the Ace2 library. You can find this at http://www.wowace.com. Anyone with programming experience knows the benefit of using libraries, but for any others the basic idea is that the Ace2 library contains a collection of commonly used functions and re-usable code. Any mods that are based off Ace2 take advantage of this collection, so they can reduce the actual code they have to write. And when you have mods that might want to use similar functions, it decreases the actual size of the add-ons. Which is good for your computer. :)

The above image is a list of all the mods I use. The only thing missing from the list is CT Mod since it is not Ace-based. The screenshot is from the WoW Ace Updater, which I will talk about a bit further down.

One of my favorite mods is FuBar, similar to TitanPanel to anyone familiar with it. FuBar is actually just a small toolbar (or multiple toolbars) that add-ons plug into to prevent the number of buttons around your mini-map or other interface elements.

In addition, the beauty of using Ace-based mods is the WoW Ace Updater. Not only does it allow you to browse the entire library of Ace mods, you can search through categories, text search, and *UPDATE* all your mods with a single button click. It also tells you the last time a mod was updated. Incredibly handy. :D

I might edit this post later. But it’s getting long.

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